Mr. Trump has prepared for an impeachment scenario

Mr. Trump has prepared for an impeachment scenario

CNN reported that US President Donald Trump is intending to appoint a lawyer to protect him in the event he faces an impeachment investigation for his role in the riots in the US Congress building. 6/1.

Mr. Trump has prepared for a bad situation
Mr. Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York is also the private attorney of President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

Accordingly, Mr. Rudy Giuliani, former New York Mayor who is also President Donald Trump’s private attorney will be in this team. In addition, the US President is also targeting Harvard legal expert, Alan Dershowitz, who regularly expresses his support for Trump.

Dershowitz told CNN that he would feel honored and proud to be called to defend the US Constitution and the First Amendment against attempts to weaponize the constitution.

Mr. Trump has prepared for a bad situation
Attorney Alan Dershowitz. Photo: New York Times

The move comes as Democrats accelerate a legal effort aimed at Trump. In a letter to fellow Democrats on Jan. 9, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi affirmed that he was ready to proceed with impeachment proceedings against President Trump if he did not voluntarily resign or Vice President Mike Pence did not initiate a process that would allow him and his cabinet to remove the incumbent President.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos on January 7-8, 57% of Americans want US President Donald Trump to be immediately deposed.

The survey found that 70% of people who voted for Trump in the November 2020 election opposed the extremist’s move into the US parliament building on Jan. 6, while MPs were meeting to testify. President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Nearly 70% of Americans surveyed said they disapproved of Trump’s actions in the face of congressional riots. At a rally near the White House on the morning of January 6, Mr. Trump called on thousands of his supporters to march to Capitol Hill. He also quickly urged protesters to leave the building as they burst into the Parliament building.

However, the American public’s response was divided by partisan. Most condemned the riots in parliament, but the calls to remove Trump mainly came from Democrats.

90% of Democrats surveyed said they want Trump to leave office before his term ends on January 20, while the percentage for Republicans is only 20%.

About 30% said Trump should be removed from office under the provisions of Amendment 25 of the US Constitution, which allows the vice president and the cabinet to declare the president incapable of exercising his power and duties. At that time, the vice president immediately becomes acting president.

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