Mr. Trump harshly criticized Mr. Biden for escalating the border crisis

Mr. Trump harshly criticized Mr. Biden for escalating the border crisis

Former President Donald Trump is no longer silent. Over the past two days, Mr. Trump has said “Donald J. Trump’s office”In Palm Beach, Florida, issued several statements about the current issues. On Friday (March 5, US time), Mr. Trump harshly criticized Mr. Biden for saying that the current US president was escalating the southern border crisis.

Trump issued a statement about the border crisis through the Save America PAC, which he set up after leaving the White House. Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway posted a copy of Trump’s statement on Twitter.

Our borders are now completely out of control due to the pathetic leadership of Joe Biden. Our Immigration & Customs Patrol (ICE) officers have been despised, demeaned and ridiculed by the Biden Government. The status quo of those who should not be here making large-scale infiltration into our country is happening for hours, getting worse every minute. Many people, including criminal records, and many others carry and spread COVID.

The interior force has been shut down – criminals who were quickly eliminated by the My Government are now being freed into the streets to commit disgusting and violent crimes. ICE officers are fighting to get rid of these convicted offenders, but [ông] Biden won’t let them [làm điều đó]. “

Since Biden took over the White House, foreigners have been flocking to the U.S. border, including an increase in unaccompanied children, overwhelming the control of U.S. law enforcement. .

According to Axios, in the week ending March 1, the US Border Patrol detained and transferred an average of about 321 minors a day to the Department of Health and Human Services.

That number is up significantly from just 47 cases per day in January and about an average of 203 cases per day in early February, according to Fox News.

Mr. Trump said the situation on the southern border is getting worse.

The typhoon at the border is overwhelming local communities, draining budgets, crowding hospitals, and taking the jobs of legitimate American workers.”Mr. Trump said. “When I left office, we reached the safest border in our country’s history. Under the Biden movement, it would soon be worse, more dangerous, and out of control than ever. He was violating an oath of law enforcement and constitutional protection“.

Never before has our southern border been the same as what is now, but more importantly, [nó sẽ chưa bao giờ giống như] what will happen. Now Biden is executing [chính sách] Nationwide arrest-and-release, illegal immigrants from every corner of the Earth will suddenly flood our borders and never be repatriated. You can never have a safe border again if the people who cross the border illegally do not get deported quickly. ”

Mr. Trump also said that he had made great progress in working with Mexico.

I had a wonderful relationship with Mexico, and their president was great, but all that was ruined by the incompetence and radicalism of those in power. [tại Nhà Trắng]”Mr. Trump continued. “The Mexican Withholding Policy was great, but Mr. Biden canceled it immediately, probably because it was so effective. Likewise, our Safe Third Place Agreements in Central American countries have been hugely successful, so Biden has erroneously dismissed it as well.“.

We have ended up paying hundreds of millions of dollars to them [các nước Trung Mỹ] and then developed a perfect relationship [với họ] make our country and their country safer. We have enforced strong rules and procedures to stop smuggling, but the Biden Administration has abandoned these proven strategies and instead allows smugglers to control their borders. we“.

Mr. Trump concluded his statement by concluding: “The Biden government must act immediately to end the border nightmare they caused to our country. Keep illegal immigration, criminals and the Chinese Virus out of our country! “

According to Fox News, in response to Mr. Trump’s statement, Mr. Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: “We do not accept advice or advice from former President Trump on immigration policy. [Chính sách nhập cư của ông ta] Not only is it inhumane, but it hasn’t worked for the past 4 years. We will map out our own future roadmap, which will include treating our children with humanity, respecting them, and ensuring they are safe on our borders.“.

Earlier, on Tuesday (March 2), Mr. Biden told reporters that the border situation has not turned into a crisis. “We’ll be able to deal with it, if God blesses it“, Fox News quoted Mr. Biden.

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