Mr. Trump established the 'Office of the Former President' in Florida

Mr. Trump established the ‘Office of the Former President’ in Florida

Former President Donald Trump has set up the “Office of the Former President” to advance his goals after four years in office.

Former President Office Establishment Notice

If Mr. Biden previously had “Office of the President-elect”, then Mr. Trump has established “Office of the former President.”

According to news released Tuesday, the office is headquartered in Palm Beach County, Florida, home to his Mar-a-Lago estate and is where he has been since leaving Washington, DC on Day take office.

Five subordinate employees followed Mr. Trump from the White House to Florida to set up his personal office and plan his next steps.

The office will provide the former President the official means to coordinate public appearances, future official statements and activities aimed at “promote US interests and implement the Trump administration’s agenda through public advocacy, organization and activity, ”the statement said.

The statement added that Mr. Trump “will always and always be a champion for the American people.”

It is not clear if Mr. Trump intends to run for re-election in 2024, although some believe he will likely do so.

Mr. Trump has been excluded from most social media, including his Twitter and Facebook accounts. He has also been completely silent with the press since leaving the White House. However, he briefly spoke with the Washington Examiner last week and said he and the team were planning to “do something about it.”

After being impeached by the House of Representatives for the second time on charges of inciting an uprising related to the turmoil at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Mr Trump is facing a Senate trial scheduled for Jan. 8. / 2, although there have been many experts in the Constitution of law pointing out that this is unconstitutional. Some observers believe that the purpose of this second impeachment trial is “purely partisan” and is intended to prevent Trump from running in the future.

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