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Mr. Trump congratulated the candidate of the Republican President, who was certified by him, for leading the race for the House of Representatives

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday (May 2, US time) congratulated Susan Wright – widow of the late Texas Rep. Ron Wright – for leading the special election for the House of Representatives in District 6. , Texas on May 1 and will continue the second round with another Republican candidate.

Susan Wright and Rep. Jake Ellzey, both from the Republican Party, took the lead and second in a special election on May 1 that competed against nine other Republican and 11 Democrats.

Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Jake Ellzey will compete directly in the second round election scheduled to take place after May 24.

The candidate for third place in the special election on May 1 is Jana Lynne Sanchez, a former journalist and member of the Democratic Party. Ms. Sanchez at the end of May 1 accepted defeat. Thus, the seat of the House of Representatives in Area 6, Texas, still belongs to the Republican Party.

Immediately after the Democratic candidate accepted defeat, former President Trump issued a congratulatory statement to Ms. Susan Wright. Mr. Trump wrote: “Congratulations to Susan Wright on your wonderful rise [trong cuộc bầu cử] yesterday, make her NO.1 and make sure she gets in the election [ghế Hạ viện] round two with another candidate also from the Republican Party. Democrats have just accepted to lose. Susan emerged after I endorsed her last week. Her wonderful husband [đang ở trên cao] looked down, and very proud of her!

Susan Wright, a longtime Republican activist, won 23% of the vote in the special election on May 1. Jake Ellzey got 14% and was only a few hundred votes ahead of Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez.

We will win [cuộc đua] hey! #MAGA”, Mrs. Susan Wright write on Twitter May 1 and use the hot keyword MAGA – Making America Great Again.

Trump on April 26 issued an endorsement statement to Susan Wright, in which the former president stressed that the longtime Republican activist would be a steadfast advocate of border security, anti-abortion issues and the Second Amendment, US Constitution.

Susan Wright will be a wonderful female Congresswoman (Texas-06) [đại diện] for the Great State of Texas. She is the wife of the late Rep. Ron Wright. She has always supported American policies first and foremost. Susan will be strong on Borders, Crime, Support of Life, support our brave Army and Veterans, and will ALWAYS defend the Second Amendment. Early voting is now in progress – and the Special Election will take place on Saturday, May 1. Get out and vote! Susan received my Complete and Complete Testimonial“, Mr. Trump wrote in the endorsement statement released through the Committee for Political Action to Save America (Save America PAC) on 26/4.

Mr. Ron Wright, Susan Wright’s husband, won the House of Representatives in District 6, Texas in the November 2020 election, but died on February 7, 2021 after being infected with COVID- 19 and have background cancer.

Susan Wright previously told the Washington Examiner that she never thought of running for the House of Representatives until after her husband died. After announcing her candidacy, Susan received the Club’s financial backing for the Advancement of Right-wing activists and was the only Republican candidate to participate in Tuesday’s special election. / 5 received an endorsement from former President Trump.

Before the election on May 1, Democrats were quite confident to overturn the seat of the House of Representatives in District 6, Texas because in the 2020 presidential race here, Mr. Biden won Mr. Trump even before Four years, Mr. Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton a long way.

The failure of the Democratic Party this time bodes well for the Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections when the party, led by former President Trump, has ambitions to regain majority in the House of Representatives and both. The Senate.

Duc Thien (According to Washington Examiner and Breitbart News)

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