Mr. Trump accepts to wait until the 2024 election

Mr. Trump accepts to wait until the 2024 election

The US Congress confirmed Biden’s victory

In the context of rioting in the Capitol area (where the US Congress is located) and the issuance of a curfew in Washington, as demonstrated by the results of the discussion, the US Congress confirmed his Joe Biden was elected President of the United States.

The candidate Biden received more than 270 congressional confirmation votes of victory in the electoral votes.

The discussion took place amid unprecedented riots in Washington in which President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol.

On January 6, 2021, supporters of incumbent US President Donald Trump gathered in Washington to protest, they stormed the National Assembly building, interrupting the meeting to pass the results of the election.

Law enforcement officers used tear gas and stun grenades. According to Washington police data, four people were killed during the protest; One woman (a veteran of the US Air Force) died from gunshot wounds, and three others died during rioting due to causes not related to the violence.

Approval of electoral votes in Congress is the final procedure for approving the candidate from Democrat Joe Biden to be confirmed as President-elect, closing the constitutional opportunity to any denial challenge. get the results of any Republican presidential election. However, Mr. Trump refused to admit defeat.

Commenting on this issue, the senior expert of the American and Canadian Institute of Research, Pavel Koshkin, said that Donald Trump has lost legally in the battle for the US President and will not be able to destroy the ceremony. inauguration of Joe Biden.

However, Mr. Trump may create some scandals, for example by refusing to recognize the election results, but this is just a PR trick aimed at the 2024 election.

Legally, Trump lost, according to the expert. At this stage, it is too late for Trump to turn the tide.

Mr. Trump has accepted until the end of 2024
Experts say that it is difficult to impeach Trump on the January 6 riot

Mr. Trump is disruptive only towards the 2024 election

The Electoral College passed the election results on December 14, the US Congress issued a so-called certificate, which shows the identity of the electors and the full name of the candidate they abandoned. votes, firmly confirming that Mr. Biden had won.

This in the certificate, which is then transferred to the National Archives and becomes a part of American political history, will be extremely difficult to argue with at this stage, Koshkin said.

According to this expert’s judgment, Trump can only cause scandalous scandals, but does not raise hopes of returning to the presidency in the White House, but mainly to win voters’ favor. and earn points to run for election in 2024.

‚ÄúTrump may once again refuse to acknowledge the election results at the inauguration, but that would be just rhetoric or provocations directed at the voters to vote him and to freak Democrats. . Do not forget that Trump basically started the presidential campaign in 2024 “- expert Pavel Koshkin said.

Mr. Koshkin noted that, oddly enough, the pre-election logic introduced right after the end of the previous election is also contained in the actions of Democrats. The impeachment they threatened Trump, for example, has no legal significance, since his powers have expired, but remains a blow to Trump’s image.

In addition, Democrats may try to prosecute Trump, including turning over the “Russian case”, as well as investigating economic-financial crimes with which he is accused. As for the January 6 riots, it is difficult to include Trump in the crime of joining the organization, because he simply did not make any direct appeals on social media – Koshkin said.



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