Mr. Trot Lim Young-woong vs. Mistrot Hongja, Emotional Confrontation (Sacoll)

Mr. Trot Lim Young-woong vs. Mistrot Hongja, Emotional Confrontation (Sacoll)

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Lim Young-woong and Hong-ja couldn’t play in the extra-time.

On March 5, TV Chosun’s’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’, pick 6 from audition programs (Ayeon Baek, Cheetah, Yeeun Ahn, Hyunmin Byun, Car the Garden, and Hongja) appeared.

When Hongja participated, Lee Chan-won jumped up from the seat and expected a confrontation. Lee Chan-won said, “Mistrot’s beauty and I can stick to it because of Mr. Trot’s beauty.” Young-tak made a laugh as he played with words, saying, “It’s 美美”.

Hongja gave a embarrassing expression when Lim Young-woong was decided as the confrontation opponent. In the midst of the confrontation between’Mistrot’ season 1 beauty and’Mr.Trot’ Jin (眞), Hongja overpowered Kisun by saying, “It’s a confrontation, but I’ll let you appreciate it.”

“I think this is my first time singing a pop song on a solo stage,” said Lim Young-woong, who took the lead. “If I went to an audition other than trot, I would have gone with this song. It’s a song that I sang a lot when I was busking in the past.” Jason Mraz’s’I’m Yours’ was sung with a unique soft tone and received 100 points.

Hongja, who is strong in emotional trot like Lim Young-woong, pulled out sad sensibility with Shim Gyu-seon’s’Arari’ and earned 100 points for singing, and the cheetah who heard the song shed tears in the song.

The two went into overtime. Lim Young-woong and Hong-ja tried to compete with’Seoul’s Moon’ and’Let’s Love’, respectively, but a situation where a tie came out again happened. Eventually, Kim Seong-ju’s mediation decided to give the team that won the next match two wins, and Lim Young-woong shouted, “Ask and go to the double”, and showed leisurely. (Photo = Captured TV Chosun’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ broadcast)

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