Mr. Putin: Villa on the Black Coast is a brainwashing rumor

Mr. Putin: Villa on the Black Coast is a brainwashing rumor

On January 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially spoke about rumors related to him, especially the accusation of opposition politician Alexei Navalny about a luxury villa located on the Black Sea coast. price about 1.3 billion USD.

Mr. Putin: What kind of news is Den's advice?
President Putin denied owning a villa worth $ 1.3 billion on the Black Sea coast.

President Putin said that the palace in Navalny’s video does not belong to him or to those close to him.

“I haven’t seen this video because I simply don’t have free time to watch such information. However, I did check out the selected videos my assistant brought. Nothing listed in it is in my property or has been mine or someone close to me. Never!” – Mr. Putin confirmed at an online meeting with university students on January 25.

Mr. Putin: What kind of news is Den's advice?
Expensive villa on the Black beach.

Mr Putin believes that rumors of his owning a lavish palace were used to brainwash Russians.

“This information has been stirring for more than 10 years. And now, it all comes together for a very convenient occasion to brainwash our people with these documents, through a number of online movies and videos, ”Putin said.

Putin pointed out to students that any asset of this type requires certain documents and data about financial transactions, even some legal procedures related to notarization must have a degree. Certifications are saved in notarized files and in electronic form.

Meanwhile, at the video posted by Mr. Navalny and the edited photo was released by social media, showing Putin swimming in the Black coastal villa.

Mr. Putin: What kind of news is Den's advice?
Mr. Navalny accused Mr. Putin of owning the luxury mansion because it was a bribe.

“They posted a picture of me swimming butterflies in a certain pool that I have never been to. I don’t know where this pool is, but I did swim like that in the Yenisei River in 2016. There is nothing but sport here. copy-paste and edit ”- Mr. Putin stated.

Putin said he knew some of the people mentioned in the video of the Russian opposition politician, some of whom were old friends, former colleagues, distant relatives or just someone he knew.

“Meanwhile there are people I don’t completely know, and I have never met them or knew them. I understand that they do not want to stand near me because anyone standing next to me immediately faces sanctions, “- Putin said.

Speaking of the people he knew who appeared in Navalny’s investigation, Putin stressed that they entered the business world before he became president.

Previously, taking advantage of the tendency to use social media networks, Russian opposition politicians posted a video accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of possessing a palace near Gelendzhik City on the Black Sea coast, wishing for a price worth 1.3 billion USD. The video quickly garnered 86 million views in just five days.

Mr. Putin: What kind of news is Den's advice?
The villa is in a great location on the banks of the Black Sea.

Mr. Navalny is becoming a man of great attention in Russia as the country has faced strong Western sanctions and continues to suffer tight security measures to reduce the impact of the spread of COVID-19.

The opposition politician has been arrested in connection with lawsuits against him since 2014. In his detention center, Mr. Navalny used many ways to motivate Russian people, especially young people in the country to take to the streets. demonstrate.

Russian police arrested 3,700 people and used force to quell protests across Russia over the weekend when tens of thousands ignored the cold weather and warnings from authorities to take to the streets to demand their release. due to Mr. Navalny.

President Putin expressed that violence should not serve political interests: “Everyone has the right to express personal opinion within the framework of the law. Anything beyond the law is counterproductive and dangerous.

At the same time, Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s ally, called for another demonstration on February 1 to continue to demand Navalny’s release.

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