Mr. Putin opened his words to Europe, the EU is ready?

Mr. Putin opened his words to Europe, the EU is ready?

On January 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country was “ready” to improve relations with the European Union (EU) in the near future.

Mr. Putin's moaning with Europe and the EU?
In the political uneasiness, Russia opened up to improve diplomacy with Europe.

In the first time since 2009 speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia and Europe have historical similarities and need to work together “one by one. Positive agenda. “

He stated: “The countries of Western Europe and Russia should stand side by side. The current situation is very unusual. If we can overcome the obstacles in the past, then a positive phase of relations. Us will open to us. But friendship cannot be achieved if it is driven from one side. ”

According to the Russian leader, the EU needs “to get rid of its obsession with the past.” However, he did not disclose the progress as well as specific solutions to improve the bilateral relationship.

The statement came after the Russian side received signals from the EU that the Union would take a move to cool down on diplomatic tensions and sanctions against Russia once Moscow freed opposition politician Alexei. Navalny as well as investigating the poisoning of him in August 2020.

In fact, Moscow took a firm stance on the arrest of Navalny and forcing him to be charged under Russian law regarding a lawsuit since 2014. Despite the incident, Russian President spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, the Kremlin does not intend to listen to the statements of other countries regarding the Navalny case.

That shows that even the point of repairing relations with Europe on the diplomatic front, the Russian leader has already grasped the answer from the EU.

In fact, despite the diplomatic controversy related to the Russian opposition politician, the double spy Sergei Skripal …, the European members still give Moscow special favor in economic cooperation.

The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project, despite the pressure from the European Parliament, is still strongly promoted by Germany. Recently, the ship included in the latest US sanctions, Fortuna, has resumed construction duty on the Baltic Sea.

Remember bilateral economic cooperation between Germany and Russia was still underway through “in the dark” meetings between German economic officials in Moscow in 2016. Late October 2016, a delegation More than 20 current parliamentarians and politicians along with German activists, businessmen and scientists have visited Russia’s Crimea during a four-day visit.

Before that, German Deputy Prime Minister Sigmar Gabriel, with a large entourage of businessmen to visit Moscow on September 21 and 22, 2016, and then immediately after that was the visit of Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the Prime Minister. Bavarian General Horst Zeehofeere to Russia.

It can be seen clearly that Russia also sees its position in the eyes of Europe, that is: apart from demanding sanctions, inside still shaking hands for mutual benefit.

The Russian President, when raising the issue of his readiness to improve relations with Europe, also wanted to change this situation.

However, with the current view of putting the interests of the alliance above, the EU does not easily communicate like that with the Russian President. In March 2020, when the whole world was working to fight the global epidemic of COVID-19, there was a view from the EU that it was necessary to remove sanctions, remove diplomatic disagreements. one side for future economic recovery and humanitarian action to deal with the epidemic.

At that time, President Putin’s spokesman Peskov said that Moscow was very concerned about the conditions for the removal of the sanctions, but they were very aware that the removal of them was not in Moscow, not in Moscow. is located in Europe itself which depends on the “Famous Capital”, a statement with profound implications towards America.

Remember, for a long time, Moscow has called sanctions only to damage Europe and Russia, while the United States has had little or no effect. The settlement of the sanctions lies on the European side, ready to step out of the “shadow” of the US to save itself or not.

In a situation like this one, when the political situation in Russia is disturbed by protests in support of the opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Putin’s open proposal to improve relations with Europe is likely to increase. it is difficult for the EU to answer.

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