Mr. Maduro hopes to connect US-Venezuela cooperation

Mr. Maduro hopes to connect US-Venezuela cooperation

On January 20, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he issued a directive to study the possibility of establishing new relations with the United States after Joe Biden took office as US President.

Mr. Maduro hopes to conclude a meeting with the US-Venezuela
Mr. Biden at a meeting with President Nicolas Maduro, smiled when Mr. Maduro suggested “increase the price of oil” without a market factor.

According to Maduro, Venezuela has good relations with American society, the university community, unions and African-American movements.

“I consider it important that Congress, as the legislature, the country’s foreign policy committee, research and adopt legislative and political initiatives to initiate the relationship. new between the US and Venezuela “- President Maduro said in a speech on Twitter.

He also expressed hope that Mr. Biden will amend US policy towards Venezuela.

“I urge the new US government to turn back the pages of lies, evil and hatred … towards Venezuela” – President Maduro said.

“We want to improve our relationship into a relationship of respect, reciprocity in the future” – he added.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has not changed its view of Venezuela.

Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said during a confirmation hearing before the US Senate that Washington should not change his position regarding the recognition of Venezuela’s self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido as home. the interim leader of that country.

“I strongly agree with you, Senator, on some of the steps that have been taken against Venezuela in recent years, including recognizing Mr. Guido and recognizing Congress as a democratically elected organization. only in Venezuela “- Mr. Blinken added.

Mr Blinken also said that the US needs to consider how it can target more effective sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro so that “those who support the regime really feel the pain of the sanctions. that penalty. “

Washington has repeatedly criticized President Maduro for “suppressing” the Venezuelan people. The Trump administration has introduced a number of sanctions against the Latin American country, targeting the oil industry and officials close to President Maduro.

The latest round of sanctions involved Venezuela – announced just before Mr Biden’s inauguration. On Jan. 19, the administration of US President Donald Trump issued sanctions against networks of oil trading companies, individuals and ships that helped Venezuelan state oil and gas company PDVSA to sell crude oil, mainly to Europe. Asia, despite Washington’s sanctions against this South American country.

The US Treasury Department said the sanctions target companies and individuals that help the Nicolas Maduro administration broker hundreds of millions of dollars in Venezuelan oil sales.

“That help facilitated the Maduro administration’s illegal efforts to circumvent US sanctions, contributing to corruption in Venezuela,” Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said in a press release. January 19.

The ministry said the ministry’s Foreign Assets Control Office (OFAC), which zoned three individuals, 14 companies and six ships, were involved in the attempt to circumvent US sanctions on Venezuela’s oil sector.

OFAC identified the individuals with “main responsibility” as Mr. Alessandro Bazzoni, Mr. Francisco D’Agostino and Mr. Philipp Apikian as well as oil trading companies such as Elemento Ltd (Malta) and Swissoil Trading SA (Switzerland).

According to the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Bazzoni, an Italian citizen, plays a key role in the network, connecting Elemento and Swissoil with PDVSA. Mr. D’Agostino works with Mr. Bazzoni on behalf of PDVSA to coordinate the purchase and sale of crude oil originating from Venezuela. Meanwhile, Mr. Apikian, owner and director of Swissoil, is involved in the trading and transportation of crude oil sourced from Venezuela.

The US first imposed sanctions on PDVSA to limit its oil sales in early 2019. In 2020, the US punished two subsidiaries of PDVSA’s main trading partner, Rosneft’s. Russia, as well as putting oil tankers involved in transporting crude oil from Venezuela on the blacklist.

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