Mr. Joe Biden announces the new Task Force specializing in Chinese affairs

Mr. Joe Biden announces the new Task Force specializing in Chinese affairs

Joe Biden on Wednesday said the Pentagon will conduct a new assessment of how the US military will handle the threat posed by China and announce the Special Forces Special Forces. on Chinese issues.

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Mr. Biden spoke at the Pentagon building: “That will require the efforts of the entire government, strong bipartisan coordination in the National Assembly, as well as alliances and partnerships. That is how we will face the challenge from China and make sure the American people will win the competition in the future. ”

This assessment will help, he added “Outlines a solid path forward on matters related to China”.

“We need to face the growing challenges posed by China to keep our peace and protect our interests in the Indo-Pacific and globally.”

Biden told CBS News earlier on February 7 that the Chinese regime would see it “Fierce competition” from the United States, but argued that the relationship between the two countries was not necessarily based on conflict. “We will deal with China’s economic abuse problem”, and that the mode is “Most serious competitor” of the United States.

In the interview, Mr. Biden said that he would take a different approach to the CCP than former President Trump – which frequently criticizes the communist regime for its pervasive human rights abuses, the spread of false information, and numerous questions. another topic.

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The new Pentagon task force will be in charge provides a “baseline assessment” of the Pentagon’s policies, programs, and procedures on China-related issues and provides “key recommendations and decisions” to Defense Secretary Loyd Austin within four months.

According to the Pentagon, The task force will employ 15 uniformed Civil Defense Department staff, which will be led by the Defense Secretary’s Special Assistant, Dr. Ely Ratner. He Ratner previously served as vice president of the Center for American Security Research.

Areas that task forces work in include strategy, intelligence, force management, technology and defense relations with China, among others.

Notably, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the Trump administration was right to take a stiffer stance against the CCP.

“I think it’s fair to say that President Trump was right to take a tougher approach to China. That’s the right thing to do, ” Antony Blinken said in an interview with CNN on 7/2.

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