Mr. Duong Khiet Tri raised his voice and suggested that Mr. Biden "do not confront"

Mr. Duong Khiet Tri raised his voice and suggested that Mr. Biden “do not confront”

On February 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official Mr. Duong Khiet Tri delivered a speech on the US-China relationship, tacitly criticizing former President Trump and advised Mr. Biden not to confront. This is no surprise, experts say. Also on January 2, House Republicans urged the White House to clarify the CCP’s risk response strategy.

Mr. Duong Khiet Tri (right) and Mr. Joe Biden in September 2017 (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)

Put pressure on the Biden administration, tacitly criticizing Trump

VOA reported that this was the first time an official at the highest level of the CCP talked about US-China relations after Mr. Biden took office. In a speech at the National Committee on US-China Relations, Politburo Member of the CCP Yang Jeethi, Chairman of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Committee, said that China is ready to work with America to “Building a model of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation between major countries”.

In the past four years, the US-China relationship has been at the lowest level since the two countries established diplomatic relations, conflicts between the two sides have occurred in the areas of economic and trade, science and technology, and issues. Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan and South China Sea.

Duong Khiet Tri blamed the deterioration of US-China relations on the fact that the Trump administration views the CCP as a strategic opponent, emphasizing its tough policy towards China. “Make mistakes of history, direction and strategy.”

This senior official also raised his voice “message” Mr. Biden when expressing “Hopefully America will overcome the old thinking about a great-power zero-sum game“, Urging the Biden administration not to politicize economic and commercial issues, not to abuse the concept of national security; The two countries can cooperate on climate change, economic recovery and disease response to seek ways to improve the global public health system.

Mr. Duong Khiet Tri also emphasized that the issues of Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang are internal to China, “America should stop engaging“, Warning that those are the problems “Can’t touch”.

Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at Wilson Center, said that Duong Khiet Tri’s speech was still stuck in his thinking model “no conflict, no confrontation “ and “Relations major new type of water“Popular 7 years ago; blamed America for its conflict, not looking back at its own problems. Therefore, it is difficult to have a constructive dialogue mechanism in thinking like that of the CCP.

Perry Link, a Sinologist at Riverside Campus – University of California, also said that Duong Khiet Tri’s speeches were all “clichés”, the so-called US-China relationship that Mr. Duong Khiet Tri developed. expression is just “The relationship between the US and the CCP“, Also means that the relationship between the CCP and Mr. Biden’s administration, ordinary Americans will “Don’t eat the CCP bait”.

Since Mr. Biden took over the presidency, high-ranking CCP officials have recently issued many signals hoping that the US-China relationship will “restart“. In an interview with CCP media, China’s Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tian Kai, urged the United States to implement a positive and constructive policy towards China, saying that the United States is seriously mistaken in treating China. is a strategic opponent.

The Biden administration announced it would apply “patience strategy “ to search “new way “ dealing with Beijing, which is currently evaluating the relevant sections of China’s policies and consulting with allies and partners.

New Foreign Minister Antony Blinken told MSNBC on February 1 that the CCP poses a great challenge to the US, but also said that the relationship between the US and China is both hostile, competitive, and at the same time. is cooperation.

The Republican Party urged the White House to clarify its response to the CCP

On February 2, Republicans from the House Homeland Security Committee urged the White House to “clarify” the strategy of responding to the CCP’s threat.

Fox News reported that Republican lawmakers wrote to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, “We are particularly concerned about the CCP weaponizing private companies for intelligence and military purposes, exploiting data from American people and companies, and manipulating global markets in Emerging and important technology. ”

Although the lawmakers admitted that some of Mr. Biden’s nominees had frankly expressed their tough attitude towards the CCP, they still believe that Mr. Sullivan did not make it clear that the new government would continue the policy of response. How effective was the former Trump administration’s deputy CCP to protect America’s national security.

The Trump-era administration sees the CCP as an enemy, reflected in trade tariffs, e-privacy and human rights violations against Uighurs, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Although the current Biden administration also identifies the CCP as a threat, the public still predicts their attitudes towards the CCP cannot be as tough as the previous administration.

The CCP’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi also stated that the Biden administration represented “new window of hope“In US-China relations. The Biden government “there will be a wise approach, resuming dialogue with China, restoring the normal state of bilateral relations and restarting cooperation.

But the reality showed that during the Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State Blinken stated that Mr. Trump “respectable“When he takes a tougher attitude toward the CCP. “Although I disagree in many ways in the way he does it, the fundamentals are correct, I think it helps our foreign policy.“Mr. Blinken said.

At the same time, the candidate nominated for US representation to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, also told senators during the hearing that she would oppose. “Dictatorship agenda” of the CCP at the United Nations. House Republicans, however, pointed out that Trade Minister candidate Gina Raimondo did not say whether Huawei would continue to be on the Commerce Department’s list of prohibited entities.

In the letter, the Republican party legislator insisted “The most urgent thing is that we must stop the authoritarian CCP from committing genocide, from sharing interests with the United States, from the CCP from entering and using important American technology and communication systems … . These systems include 5G networks, which will increasingly reinforce the way of life and protect US security in the coming decades. “

Republican lawmakers also said hope on the set “Partnership is constructive”To the Sullivan and Biden authorities, at the same time asked for clarification of the plan to oppose the CCP. “Any words and tones that weren’t made with action are too dangerous,“In the letter.

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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