Mr. Biden was urged to identify the CCP as a transnational criminal organization

Mr. Biden was urged to identify the CCP as a transnational criminal organization

This week, “China Risk Response Committee Now ” US has released a short film “The CCP’s genocide against the Uighurs”, Urged Mr. Biden to identify the CCP as an illegal transnational crime organization.

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This nearly 13-minute short film titled “Violated and murdered: The CCP’s Genocide against Uighurs “, documenting the suffering caused by the CCP to the abused people, their families and communities, and supporting the previous US Government in confirming that the CCP has committed genocide and crimes against Humans to Uighurs.

The last day of his term, Secretary of State Pompeo stated: “I affirm that the People’s Republic of China is committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang – China against Uighur Muslims and members of ethnic minorities and other religions… I believe this genocide is still going on, we are witnessing the CCP systematic destruction of the Uighurs ”.

Pompeo’s statement was backed by successors

Press release by “China Risk Response Committee Now ” praised Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen (nominated by President Biden), in remarks at the Senate confirmation hearing that outright endorsed Pompeo’s statement.

The short film captures the grief of the victims, their families and communities that have been abused by the CCP, and strongly supports both parties in condemning the CCP of committing genocide against the Uighurs.

The video also tells the story of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities subjected to imprisonment, forced labor, and unjust social policies, actions not only aimed at destroying culture and beliefs. their threshold, which as former Foreign Minister Pompeo stated in his statement, was the CCP’s plan to destroy the Uighurs. The film depicts Xinjiang province as a surveillance area and a virtual prison. Residents there are always monitored by government cameras and given social credit scores based on activities. People who prayed or performed acts that were not authorized by the CCP were beaten, raped, imprisoned, and even killed.

Since 2016 until now, the number of people suffering from such situations has reached up to a million people (or even up to 3 million people). The Uighurs and other ethnic groups were forced out of their homes, into the so-called place “Renovation center“And had to be there for many years. And the Uyghur women were publicly humiliated by the CCP officials as “reproduction machine“, They are subject to widespread forced abortion or sterilization. Many of them have husbands locked up in “renovation center”, While women are forced to live with the Han people, it can be likened to rape supported by the authorities.

The US Congress has determined that “renovation center“In Xinjiang, they are used as forced labor workshops, urging the bipartisan to condemn and to take measures to prevent the ongoing humanitarian disaster.

The video tells the true story of two Uighur victims whose loved ones were “missing” (put into “Renovation center“). Even when applying for asylum in the US, they are still watched and annoyed with the intention to force them to return to China. But because they were concerned about the situation of their relatives and the community, they tried their best to speak up and fight.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg of countless crimes committed by the CCP in China and around the world, including in the US, in violation of American rules / resolutions, and / or laws. international. Therefore, according to former President Trump’s Executive Ordinance No. 13773, it is required to rely on federal law on organizing transnational crime and preventing international illegal transactions, thereby identifying the CCP. is a transnational criminal organization (TCO) to realize in action policy to effectively prevent transnational criminal forces and affiliated organizations in the US and abroad, including the application of prosecution on criminal charges.

According to Administrative Order No. 13773, the federal government previously identified many entities as transnational criminal organizations, including the October 15, 2018 case that identified Hezbollah, a political-armed organization. of Shi’a Muslim Lebanese, is a transnational criminal organization. Since then, successive US officials have openly described criminal activities committed by the CCP, laying the foundation for the CCP’s declaration of genocide.

Taking this step, especially considering that the CCP has been officially recognized as a state-sponsored genocide, will serve as a basis for the CCP as an illegal organization, thereby preventing individuals. and the American entity involved in the relationship, contributing or facilitating their activities to become self-perpetrators. Now, this issue needs to be promoted more strongly by the Biden administration.

The new term Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering to determine according to the order and procedures

The US VOA Radio reported that, on January 27, the US permanent representative to the United Nations was nominated by President Biden, Ms. Linda Thomas-Greenfield declared in the Senate confirmation hearing that, the State Department assigned is considering confirming the former President Trump administration’s statement in the CCP’s indictments in Xinjiang, in connection with genocide crimes against Muslims and other ethnic minorities, to ensure that the decision can be maintained to continue.

The US government’s official decision on genocide has important political and legal significance.

In an interview with US VOA Radio in early November last year, Secretary Miles Yu, Pompeo’s China Policy and Planning Advisor, was asked if the US considers Beijing’s repression of the Uighurs as genocide or not. He replied that the Government is considering based on the legal procedures. He said: “The designation of the act of brutality or genocide must meet a number of criteria. Obviously there is the issue of legal standards. I think if we consider all the evidence we’ve gathered and what the world has seen, the determination of genocide in the People’s Republic of China’s Xinjiang atrocities is worth a look. review. This review process is timed and logical. ”

During the presidency, Mr. Biden’s team also considered the CCP’s persecution of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang as genocide. Last week at the confirmation hearing, new Foreign Minister Tony Blinken said that he supported the Pompeo’s predecessor’s decision in determining the CCP commits genocide in Xinjiang. “I think we agree very much on the Uighurs issue. Forcing men, women, and children into the “re-education center” is essentially to convert them to conform to the CCP’s ideology, which shows that genocide is a reality. So I agree with this conclusion ”Mr. Blinken said.

In addition, during the first press conference of the State Department for the new term on January 27, he also reiterated that the CCP’s atrocities against the Muslim Uighur minority constituted genocide.

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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