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Mr. Biden warned “China will eat our lunch”

After a phone call with Xi Jinping on Lunar New Year’s Eve, on Thursday (February 11) Mr. Biden issued a warning, saying that “If we don’t act, China will eat our lunch”. The day before, the US Department of Defense established the China Working Group, to study strategies to respond to China.

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Voice of America (VOA) reported that Mr. Biden made the aforementioned statement before holding a conference on infrastructure investment in the White House’s Oval Office with Vice President Harris and a group. MPs.

The sentence “Lost someone’s lunch” It is about taking business opportunities or beating the competition. Last year, Mr. Biden, in an interview with a reporter, said: “Will China eat up our lunch? Stop it!”

On Feb. 11, when asked about Mr. Biden’s words, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said it made it clear that the president had a clear understanding of the challenge facing the United States.

“I think this reflects the fact that the president has a clear awareness of the challenge we face, which is strategic competition with China (the CCP), for the best status. In this competition, we need to take domestic measures, including making our workforce more competitive, ensuring we take measures to protect our technology, ensure cooperation with partners and allies, ” said Ms. Jen Psaki.

Ms. Jen Psaki continued to emphasize Mr. Biden’s strategy towards China, “So this is also an expression of the strategy over the past few weeks, which includes making sure to strengthen our way of doing domestically (America), we always say strengthen our own economy, increase our workforce. By doing this we can put ourselves in a powerful position in cooperation with our partners and allies. In all dialogues with Europe and its regional allies, China and its relationship with China have always been an important part. “

She also mentioned Mr. Biden’s announcement that the Ministry of National Defense set up the China Working Group on February 10 at the Pentagon, in response to the increasingly fierce challenges that China brings.

The President pointed out that America needs to respond to the growing challenge posed by China, to maintain peace and protect our interests in the Indo-Pacific and globally. “Today we heard a brief report concerning the new China Working Group within the Department of Defense. The China Working Group set up by Minister Austin will review our strategy, operational concept, science and technology, our military strength, etc., ” he said.

Mr. Biden said the working group will quickly deploy the work, employing civilian and military experts in the Department of Defense agencies, will make recommendations on policy priorities for the Minister of State. Austin rooms for the next few months.

Mr. Biden also said that dealing with China (the CCP) requires the efforts of the entire government, the cooperation of the bipartisan parties in the National Assembly, a strong coalition and partnership, to ensure that that the Americans win the future competition.

A White House official said the purpose of forming a special working group on China is to coordinate government functions, including economic, political, diplomatic and military aspects, to shape into a unanimous policy against China.

In charge of this working group is Mr. Ely Ratner – the special assistant to the Secretary of Defense. The group has 15 civilian and military members, from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint General Staff, the military services, the operational orders and the intelligence agency.

This group will play a central role in guiding Mr. Austin’s China policy. Mr. Austin said at the Senate confirmation hearing that China (the CCP) is America’s number one threat.

The Defense Minister said that within four months of its inception, the Chinese working group would make a petition to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Defense.

On the evening of February 10, Mr. Biden had a two-hour phone call with Mr. Xi Jinping for the first time since taking office. Before that, Mr. Biden had telephone calls with leaders of partner countries and allies around the world in Europe and Asia.

Then the White House issued a statement, saying “President Biden reiterated his priorities for the safety, well-being, health and well-being of the American people, while maintaining the freedom and openness of the Indo-Pacific strategy. President Biden emphasizes attention to Beijing’s forced and unfair economic behavior, repression in Hong Kong, trampling on human rights in Xinjiang, and increasingly aggressive actions in the region including also targeting Taiwan… The President is committed to seeking practical contact and finding results as a direction for development while promoting the interests of the American people and our allies. ”

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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