Mr. Biden wants to untie Confucius Institute, Republicans disagree

Mr. Biden wants to untie Confucius Institute, Republicans disagree

On February 17, House minority party leader Kevin McCarthy and four other Republican members sent a letter to President Biden, urging him to adopt Trump’s policy of increasing restrictions on the Confucius Institute.

House minority party leader Kevin McCarthy (Image: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock)

Voice of America (VOA) reported that Trump’s policy requires American high schools, high schools, elementary schools, and preschools to disclose all subject agreements. a financial partnership or reciprocity with the Confucius Institute. The rule also applies to other cultural organizations related to the Chinese Government (the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP) such as the China Association of Students and Scholars.

Although the administration of former President Trump tried to introduce this rule, the final review has not been completed during the transition, has not been submitted to the Federal Register for public. father effect.

The White House said that, similar to the previous administration’s transition, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain on the day of the president’s inauguration will declare freezing all memos of regulatory oversight procedures, which means Regulations that have not been reviewed will be automatically withdrawn and re-submitted.

Previously, reports related to this regulation were silently withdrawn by the Biden administration, causing many members of the Republican Party to be dissatisfied, they said that Mr. Biden’s administration was weak in China (CCP). .

  • Mr. Biden silently abolished the CCP’s policy of restricting Confucius Institute

Four Republican congressmen said in a letter to Biden that they understood that a rule proposed by the former Trump administration has not completed a final review, the new administration may withdraw. during an extensive review of government policy. However, the completeness (integrity) of the American academic system should be the priority agenda. They urged Mr. Biden to re-submit relevant regulations one way “as fast as possible” and “Should not prolong the time to miss the opportunity”.

They also quoted Mr. Biden as saying last week, “If we don’t take action, they will lose our lunch.”

  • Mr. Biden warned “China will eat our lunch”

In the letter: “In the threats we face from China, the CCP misuses the American academic system to steal our sensitive research and technology, limit our freedom of speech, and conduct propaganda. for our students, this is of utmost concern. ”

In the letter also said that the Confucius Institute surface project is to promote culture and language between the two countries (US – China), but in fact will jeopardize academic freedom in American schools, require agreement to be bound by laws established by the CCP, representing the CCP censors information, creating a conflict of interest for school administrators.

MPs say they are willing to cooperate with the Biden administration, which provides bipartisan and full-government settlement, in response to a threat to the integrity of American education and learning. caused by the CCP.

In addition to Kevin McCarthy, there are also Mr. Michael McCaul (member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), Mr. John Katko (member of the Homeland Security Committee) and Ms. Virginia Foxx (member of the Education and Labor Committee), also signed the letter sent to Mr. Biden.

Confucius Institutes were boycotted globally

The CCP during the Cultural Revolution shouted the slogans “Destroying the former four“, Trying to ruin Confucius’ s Confucianism, but now pretend to be Confucius to try “Reddens” Global. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Federal Education Minister Betsy DeVos have published a joint letter indicating that the Confucius Institute is the CCP’s propaganda tool in American schools, causing teachers to self-censor; at the same time, thanks to the “Confucius class” plan to provide the CCP-screened curriculum and teachers to hundreds of kindergartens up to high school, the aim is to expand the CCP’s influence globally. .

For many years, the CCP has tried to use infiltrations to spread communism globally. According to Chinese “National Han Ban” (headquarters of Confucius Institute), in 2018, there were a total of 548 “Confucius Institutes” in 154 countries around the globe. The number of Confucius Institutes in the US ranks first in the world with more than 110 in 2015. In August 2018, the Trump administration banned the Department of Defense from funding universities with Confucius Institutes, and by 2020 it was listed listed “American Confucius Institute” is the foreign representative in America.

Mr. Trump’s policies have had practical results. According to the statistics of the National Association of American Scholars (NAS), by February 17, the whole United States had 64 Confucius Institutes closed or preparing to close, and 55 of them still operating. Three of them are planning to close the Confucius Institute this year.

In Canada, Europe and Australia, many Confucius Institutes were also closed repeatedly. For example, in April 2020, Sweden decided to close all Confucius Institutes and Confucius classes in this country.

  • Sweden shut down all of the CCP-backed Confucius Institutes

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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