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Mr. Biden relaxed with China


White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in a news conference on Feb. 2, US President Joe Biden has no plans to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Mr. Biden will consider both restraint and cooperate with China.

Psaki said that with Antony Blinken as US Secretary of State “there will be more faces to cooperate with China” but both she and the State Department spokesperson Ned Price confirmed the discussion with America’s allies and partners will be on top.

“We know that China is engaged in a series of behaviors that are damaging to American workers. It blurs our technological advantage. It threatens our alliances and affects us. international organizations, “the spokesman said at the Foreign Ministry’s press conference on February 2.

“And China has engaged in serious human rights violations that have shocked conscience. So we will resist China’s acts of aggression and coercion, preserving the interests,” he said. Our important military posture, the protection of democratic values, investment in advanced technology and restoration are key security partnerships. “

According to Mr. Price, there are issues, such as climate change, that will “be in the national interest of the US to cooperate with China”.

“So, the first step, we want to ensure that we will consult closely with our allies and partners and then have cooperation on some aspects with China” – Mr. Price said. .

The Biden administration has yet to fully announce its strategy to China – the world’s second largest economy but has shown that the United States will continue the tough approach it took under former President Donald. Trump.

Foreign Minister Blinken also called the US-China relationship the most important relationship in the world, while Ms. Psaki stated at the press conference: “Of course, the relationship with China will take place,” Blinken said at the water week. Multi-layer, we will talk about climate, economics, and security.

In a written response to questions from lawmakers last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also mentioned the US-China trade deal and said Washington would work with allies to resolve these issues. problems related to China.

According to Mr. Doug Barry – spokesman of the US-China Business Council, the Joe Biden administration will review his predecessor’s trade agreements and other policies as reasonable, however, is likely to cancel.

“We are not focusing too much on the process at this point. China still has 11 months to fulfill its commitment to buy 200 billion USD of US goods and services ”, Mr. Barry emphasized.

Trump signed a phase 1 trade deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping in January 2020, easing tensions from a nearly 18-month-long trade war between the two countries.

Under the agreement, Beijing pledged within two years to increase purchases of US agricultural products and industrial goods, energy and services by more than $ 200 billion compared to 2017. However, China’s purchases have declined. Decreases significantly in 2020.

Reuters quoted an official in the US administration as saying that during this review period, Washington has not changed anything to the tax policies on Chinese imports implemented under Trump. .




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