Mr. Biden pushes for impeachment of Mr. Trump, the House of Representatives begins ...

Mr. Biden pushes for impeachment of Mr. Trump, the House of Representatives begins …

(News 24h) – The new President supports the impeachment of his predecessor, the Republican Party is not easy to lose.

House Democrats submitted to the Senate an impeachment indictment against former President Donald Trump on the night of January 25 (local time), according to the Associated Press. Accordingly, Mr. Trump was accused of “inciting violence” during the chaotic demonstration at the Capitol on January 6. The head of the prosecution group is Rep. Jamie Raskin from Maryland.

Mr. Biden is a man and woman.
The House of Representatives submitted to the Senate an indictment of impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Photo: AP

Following the impeachment process to the Senate, senators will one day take an oath to join the jury to decide whether Trump will incite the crowd to attack the US congress building.

It takes two-thirds of the votes in the Senate, now comprising 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, before impeaching Trump. Meanwhile, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the longest serving member of Democracy in the Senate, will preside over the hearing on behalf of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Senate will begin arguing to consider the impeachment indictment of Trump on Feb. 8. The bipartisan leader unanimously agreed to postpone the trial so that the former president’s legal team and House prosecutors have time to prepare.

This period also helped the Senate enlist the approval list of cabinet candidates of the new President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, the new President of the United States has expressed confidence that Mr. Trump should be impeached. In a brief press conference on January 25, Mr. Biden said he did not believe there would be enough votes to convict former President Donald Trump during the upcoming Senate impeachment hearing.

It takes at least 17 Republican senators to vote to convict Trump, while all 50 Democratic senators support it.

Still, he believes, this must happen.

“I think it must happen,” said President Joe Biden.

The head of the White House said that he acknowledged Trump’s Senate impeachment, slated for Feb. 8, could affect the schedule of his legislative plans as well as the confirmation of the proposal. dispatch. However, “if it does not happen, the impact is even worse,” said Joe Biden.

So far, many Republicans have opposed the possibility of impeaching Mr. Trump. Republicans are expected to shake hands again to help him acquit, similar to the impeachment session of the former president in January 2020.

“I think the trial is stupid and counterproductive,” Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican, said. “I will vote to hold this trial as soon as I can.”

Sen. Rubio argued that the trial could have divided the United States – which is already deeply polarized.

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