Mr. Biden is expected to withdraw an order to deport illegal immigrants only for "minor" offenses

Mr. Biden is expected to withdraw an order to deport illegal immigrants only for “minor” offenses

The Joe Biden administration is expected to revoke deportations starting this week for illegally entered foreigners who have been convicted of drunken driving, assault, and several ghost-related crimes. other drugs.

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The above insider information was seen by the Washington Post, and almost confirmed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, detailing how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the direction of Mr. Biden. will not give priority to deporting illegal immigrants convicted of a number of offenses, all of which are American victims.

The Washington Post reports: “Agents will no longer seek to deport illegal immigrants for crimes like drunk driving and assault, and will instead focus on national security threats, but recent fleeers and those who have finished prison terms or are jailed for more serious crimes. “

“In general, the indictments [để trục xuất] will not include drug crime (minor offense), assault (minor), DUI (drunk driving), money laundering, theft, fraud, tax crime, solicitation selling sex, ” ICE acting director Tae Johnson told senior officials in an email Thursday as advising them on how it works while new instructions are finalized.

The draft guidance is pending Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas, who was approved by the Senate on Tuesday, formally confirmed.

Internal emails sent to ICE agents show that foreigners entering illegally are only considered a threat to the public if they are found guilty of more serious offenses, which can be proven gang member or a history of violence.

“Does the Biden administration really say that drunk driving isn’t a threat to public safety?” former ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said while chatting with Breitbart News. “Tell that to mothers whose babies were killed by drunk drivers who entered illegally.”

In addition, part of the new guidelines is a clause that requires agents to obtain the consent of ICE Director Tae Johnson to make the arrest of any illegally entered alien who is not in prison. In order to get approval, agents would have to explain to Mr. Johnson why illegal aliens must have priority for arrest and deportation.

“This clause is designed to slow down the arrest,” Mr. Homan added on this guide.

ICE has detained tens of thousands of foreigners entering illegally each year, including those convicted awaiting trial for offenses such as drunk driving, assault, drug possession and fraud. For example, in 2019, foreigners who entered illegally by ICE had more than 74,500 convictions or drunk driving-related crimes, more than 68,000 traffic violations, nearly 46,000 assault and more than 12,000 on fraud.

According to Mr. Biden’s new guidelines, most foreigners entering illegally will not be given priority to arrest or deport and therefore be allowed to stay in the United States. Even if any person meets the criteria of arrest and deportation, their arrest will be approved by the Acting ICE Director if they are not in prison.

“I know [chính quyền Biden] will move to the left, but I don’t think they will turn to such a level of incompetence, ” Mr. Homan said. “These people [nhập cảnh bất hợp pháp] federal law violation. And Mr. Biden is telling ICE to let it go. ”

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