Mr. Biden intends to do many things with Russia, including punishing

Mr. Biden intends to do many things with Russia, including punishing

State Department spokesperson Ned Price recently stated that anti-Russia sanctions are still among the options that the United States will consider after US intelligence prepares a special review of Russia. .

Mr. Biden decided to do a lot of things with Russia, collecting music
New US President Joe Biden.

“There is an overall assessment of our relationship with Russia and takes into account all of Russia’s bad operations,” he said.

“We’re not going to revisit the things we’ve seen from the Russians in recent years, and that’s exactly what this review aims to do: look at those things and help make a response. appropriate policy “- Mr. Ned Price said.

“The president directed DNI [Giám đốc Tình báo Quốc gia] make the correct assessment so that we can have a full picture of what the Russians have achieved in recent years to ensure correct policy choices. They will include sanctions, but depending on the level “- Mr. Price added.

According to a State Department spokesman, Washington will not disclose any possibility of sanctions before it is officially enacted.

Just a day after taking office, US President Joe Biden assigned US intelligence agencies to thoroughly investigate accusations of Russian hackers of attacking US companies and other incidents.

These incidents include reports of “Russian hackers” hijacking software company SolarWinds, Russian interference in the 2020 election, the country’s use of chemical weapons against the character. Alexey Navalny opposition, and accuses Russia of paying bonuses to Taliban militants killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to Sputnik, the cyber attack against SolarWinds has exposed personal data of US government agencies and companies, including thousands of emails from the country’s Department of Justice (DoJ).

Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov responded that the Washington administration is using the media to come up with different perspectives on the causes behind the cyberattack, but will never find any evidence. Which shows Russia was behind this incident.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also denied the US accusation, saying: “The incident has nothing to do with us, Russia is generally not involved in such attacks. formally and unequivocally, all US accusations are completely unfounded and are a continuation of the fear of the Russian blind to any incident “.

Meanwhile, other Russian related cases mentioned such as the payment of rent to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, chemical attacks on opposition politicians … are all meaningless charges.

Commenting on the possibility that the new administration of President Joe Biden could soon enact sanctions on Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova argued that the West is always looking for every reason for the sanctions. penalty against Russia.

“They can easily find excuses. They don’t need facts, they don’t need data on principles. If there’s no evidence. [để trừng phạt], they can easily invent an excuse “- sarcasm Maria Zakharova.

Recalling the first Russian sanctions introduced by the West, Ms. Zakharova analyzed: “Since 2014 (after Crimea’s reunification with Russia – TASS), we have invited diplomats, ambassadors, Western consular staff – any representatives from embassies who are in Moscow and other Russian cities to Crimea to see the situation there. “

It was a normal diplomatic practice to explore the country and people they criticized, but in the end these characters in the West did not go to Crimea and continued to punish, borrowing every reason to punishment.

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