Mr. Biden first used Air Force One to fly home in Delaware

Mr. Biden first used Air Force One to fly home in Delaware

Air Force One landed in Delaware for the first time, driving Joe Biden home over the weekend. Notably, this is the location only about 20 minutes flight from Washington, DC. The use of Air Force One to move such distances has caused some to question Mr. Biden’s “drastic” climate change measures.

Mr. Biden waved goodbye before entering Air Force One (Screenshot)

Mr. Joe Biden landed at New Castle National Guard Air Base in Delaware on Friday night, for the first time since he was sworn in in January.

After landing, Mr. Biden told reporters “it was a great honor” to make his first trip in Air Force One as president.

As Senator and Vice President, Mr. Biden used to use the Amtrak train to travel between Washington and Wilmington, Delaware. It is estimated that he made about 8,000 round-trip Amtrak trips during his nearly 50 years in the government.

Before the January 20 inauguration, Mr. Biden also planned to use the Amtrak to get to Washington, but the plan was canceled due to security concerns.

Regarding his plans for the weekend, Biden said he plans to “meet the kids and hang out with Jill”. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Mr. Biden is likely to watch the Super Bowl at home over the weekend. The trip also takes place the day after Hunter Biden’s 51st birthday.

This was Biden’s first time flying in Air Force One in more than 20 years, according to the AP news agency. The last time he flew on this plane was in 2000 with former President Bill Clinton.

However, this version of Mr. Biden flying this time is not the usual Boeing 747, but a smaller model modified from a Boeing 757 (C-32).


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