Mr. Biden established a "bipartisan" committee to expand the Supreme Court

Mr. Biden established a “bipartisan” committee to expand the Supreme Court

Among the newly enacted “reforms”, Mr. Joe Biden began appointing members for a special committee to consider expanding the US Supreme Court.

Before that, the idea of ​​”pack the court” – ie expanding the number of judges in the US Supreme Court was proposed by some members of the Democratic Party. Democrats want more left-wing judges to balance, even surpass the number of conservative judges. Currently, the total number of TCPV Judges is 9, including 6 conservative, including Chief Justice John Roberts.

According to the statement of the Democrats as well as former Attorney General Eric Holder, the conservative majority “undermines the legitimacy” of the Court. The leftist wants to increase the number of judges in TCPV to maximum 15 people. With the execution of the Executive and Bicameral wings, this could be their chance to make this happen.

During the 2020 election campaign, Mr. Biden has frequently dodged the question of “packing” the Court until the announcement of plans to set up a Committee to study this issue. As Breitbart News reported in late October: “Mr. Biden confirmed to a reporter in Chester, Pennsylvania, that he would set up a Bipartisan Committee to study judicial reform and the agency would report to him within 180 days of his inauguration. in January. ”

On Wednesday, the Politico newspaper reported that the “bipartisan” committee will be run by Biden’s former campaign attorney, Bob Bauer. Mr. Bauer is a professional agent of the Democratic Party and also works for the Perkins Coie company. This is the organization that participated in the “profile” of Russia about presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

According to Politico, “Among those who will join the Commission are Cristina Rodríguez, Yale Law School professor and former Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department of former President Obama, said several experts familiar with the discussions. who will join Mr. Bauer as Co-Chair. Caroline Fredrickson, former President of the American Constitutional Association, and Jack Goldsmith, professor of Harvard Law School and former Assistant Attorney General to the former Justice Department of President Bush, will also serve on the Commission. ”

On January 22, West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (Republican) proposed a bill amending the US Constitution to limit the number of judges at the Supreme Court to 9 ( (applied in the past century), to prevent Democrats from increasing the number of members working in this agency.

She said: “A court of 9 judges has served in our country for over 150 years. Increasing that number in partisan efforts to achieve a desired policy outcome is a never-ending proposition. Once this door is opened, the respect for the Supreme Court as an independent arbitrator of the lawsuits and controversies will be gone, as it becomes another branch of its own party. covered. We should maintain our independent judiciary by closing the hope of expanding the Court. The ratification of this amendment will prevent the Democratic Party’s desire to expand the existing courts. It will also remove the temptation when either party tries to restructure the court in a partisan way in the future. ”

However, a revised bill must be passed by a two-thirds majority at the bicameral parliament of Congress, and then approved by three-quarters, or 38 of the 50 states, for it to become a an official part of the US Constitution. This is hardly feasible at the moment.

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