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Mr. Abbas is the only candidate of the Fatah party in the presidential election

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks at a meeting with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah City, West Bank on October 6, 2019. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Fatah's announcement came during a meeting held in Ramallah run by Fatah Central Committee Vice Chairman Mahmoud al-Aloul, which discussed the organization of general elections in Palestinian territories. .

According to the official WAFA news agency, at this meeting, Fatah called on President Abbas to quickly issue an decree to set the time for elections in Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile, President of the Central Palestinian Election Commission (CEC) Hanna Nasser and a delegation of the agency plan to go to the Gaza Strip to resume discussions with the Hamas Movement and other parties about organizing the total elected.

Earlier, during a three-day visit to Gaza in late October, Mr. Nasser and the leaders of eight Gaza factions signed an agreement, which held parliamentary elections in the previous Palestinian territories, 3 months later, presidential elections will be held. However, the timing of the general election has not been determined.

The most recent parliamentary election held in the Palestinian territories was in January 2006, with Hamas winning the majority of the seats. Earlier, in the Presidential election in January 2005, Mr. Abbas was elected President of the Palestinian Authority. However, Hamas's victory in the Palestinian legislature election has been ineffective since the internal division in 2007.

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