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Movies have the saddest New Year’s Eve 10 minutes to read


In everyone’s mind, the traditional New Year days are often reminded of positive emotions such as joy, happiness and peace. However, between the excitement and bustle, for sensitive souls, it seems that they need a separate space to settle and reflect.

And check out the list below, with the saddest and most dramatic New Year’s Eve movies you can ever see in your life. But note that, the article has a pre-reveal of the movie’s content. So please consider it before reading.

1. Cyclo – Cyclo (1995)

Directors: Tran Anh Hung

Cast: Le Van Loc, Luong Trieu Vy, Tran Nu Yen Khe

As one of the projects that made the name of the Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung, Cyclo impresses viewers with its unique storytelling method and how to build a character system. The film also excelled at winning the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 1995 Venice Film Festival.

A scene in the movie Cyclo – Cyclo (1995)

Cyclo tells the story of the life of a poor guy, called Xich Lo. The characters in the movie are not given their names, but are called by their own characteristics. Xich Lo has an older sister who was lured into a prostitute by a gangster from Nha Tho. However, the men that Xicho’s sister had to meet every day had a pretty serious psychological illness, prompting them to ask her to do strange acts without having sex. And the guy from Nha Tho is Madame Sad’s mistress, a widow with a child with intellectual disability, called Mad.

A scene in the movie Cyclo – Cyclo (1995)

The story of the movie develops according to the journey of Xicho, and from there, conflicts, concerns, and conflicts between characters begin to take shape. They go on, overlapping and so intertwined that one cannot find a relationship.

Movie content disclosure warning:

And then, the climax of the movie took place on one day on the 30th of New Year, when people from all over Saigon flocked to the street, Madman was run over and killed by a car, making Madame sad almost crazy. At that time, Nha Tho set himself on fire in the same room where he engaged in prostitution. As for Xich Luo, he was immersed in drug drunk, mad madness, and ignorant of everything around.

A scene in the movie Cyclo – Cyclo (1995)

And the saddest thing the audience is known for is that, after all the character’s losses and deaths, everything is back to normal. Life went on in the old way, unaware of someone’s hearts, dreams and aspirations that had to be stopped, lost and fell into oblivion forever.

Movie Trailer Cyclo – Cyclo (1995)

2. Lost on Journey – Lost on Journey (2010)

Directors: La Vinh Xuong

Cast: From Tranh, Vuong Bao Cuong, Ta Tieu Thanh

With the script is built according to the journey comedy structure, the movie Lost on Journey tells about the tough trip back to their hometowns of two characters with extremely different backgrounds and cultural backgrounds: the director of animation production company Ly Thanh Cong and the milking worker Nguu Canh. The amusing element is built with a detailed system and expensive lines that make the movie included in the list of classic Chinese comedies.

A scene from the movie Lost on Journey (2010)

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture. So on this occasion, people often see a “biggest migration” happening in the world’s most populous country. And our two main characters, as mentioned above, also go on a journey back home.

A scene from the movie Lost on Journey (2010)

The two characters’ wobbly starts when they sit side by side on the plane back home. However, due to the blizzard, the plane was forced to return to the airport. The two companions reluctantly switched to trains. Train tracks collapsed due to landslides. And they passed by bus. Broken bridge. The events that go on continuously, making the negative personal views of the two main characters – one cunning, long-term, powerful and innocent, gullible, innocent, begin to change. .

A scene from the movie Lost on Journey (2010)

Long journey of Lost on Journey then also brought them to their intended destination, even though it caused them many bruises and seemed to lose everything. But when facing the end of the journey, the wealthy businessman is in trouble because of the secrets he always tries to hide from his family, and the lactating worker faces an ironic situation, realizing his belief about his salary and benefits are too naive. Fear, loss, and inner pain are something that our two reluctant companions are forced to overcome on New Year’s Eve.

Trailer for Lost on Journey (2010)

3. The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee (2016)

Directors: Cao Quan Thu

Cast: Yancheng, Heat Ny Trat, Trieu De Son

A scene from The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee (2016)

The first situation of the movie The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee Starting with Mr. Ly’s desire to reunite with his distant daughter. Originally a retired teacher, the man lived alone in a large house in the countryside. Through the long and repetitive days, Mr. Ly’s hopes were all placed on a New Year’s Eve dinner with his daughter’s family. He looked forward to warm and full happiness. But, trouble begins when the daughter expressed her wish to bring him to live in the city. From there, the series of conflicts of interest began.

A scene from The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee (2016)

Each year there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee reminds us that, wherever you are, you must definitely go home to have family meals on New Year’s Day. That memorable New Year’s Eve, old Ly was buried in sadness that he could not hide it, his daughter decided for the first time to face the problems that always existed in her life.

Trailer for The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee (2016)

4. Us and Them (2018)

Directors: Liu Ruobu

Cast: Chau Dong Vu, Bach Nhien Province, Dien Trang Trang

Adapted from Liu Rui’s novel of the same name, We Later is a love song filled with the emotions and nostalgia of young people. Lin Kien Thanh and Phuong Tieu Hieu, two young men of a new era, full of dreams and future aspirations, met by chance on a train on their way home to celebrate Tet. The series of troubles on the crowded train makes them become friends, not caring that their lives will become linked together.

A scene from Us and Them (2018)

Years later, amid the chaos of work, money and life pressures, they were many times happily in each other’s arms – a passionate couple and then back to becoming close friends. And then lost each other in the bustling capital of Beijing, filled with pressures of money and fame.

A scene from Us and Them (2018)

The first New Year’s Eve together, they are new friends. Some time later, through many tough times in life, they become lovers. Years of great happiness, just living together, laughing and talking, regardless of the shabby apartment, the hard work, the long way home or the poor meal. New Year’s Eve of those years was filled with happiness and fulfillment.

A scene from Us and Them (2018)

But then, the flow of life is flowing again. Misunderstanding, stubbornness, self-esteem because of inadequacies, pressure of money and fame from friends and family make them gradually apart. Farewell. The lonely New Year’s Eve lasted for the next 10 years.

A scene from Us and Them (2018)

Years of meeting, they were on the same flight. Also on the New Year’s Eve, they share their memories of the old love days.

Movie content disclosure warning:

In a shabby hotel, the couple is now only afraid. Because, at this time, Kien Thanh has a peaceful family with a caring wife and an intelligent and intelligent child. And Tieu Hieu, alone after all these years, still constantly strives for a full future. In the end, it is only possible to hug each other tightly – like longstanding friends – and say goodbye forever. And pity, “After this, we have everything, just don’t have us.”

The Trailer We Are After – Us and Them (2018)

Article: Gau Truc.
Source: Wiki, IMDb, Youtube.

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