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Movie series based on Warhammer 40K universe published

Movie series based on Warhammer 40K universe published

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Eisenhorn will be the first shot of Warhammer 40K on the small screen, made by Big Light Productions.

Games Workshop's world-famous flagship brand – Warhammer 40K, which has received countless numbers of its cosmic expansion series, will eventually set foot on the screen. More specifically, the epic set for gold senders will be Eisenhorn, and independent filmmaker Bad Light Productions led by Frank Spotnitz – The Man In The High Castle creator, will back the series. . The creative director of Bad Light Productions is Emily Feller (Ordinary Lies, Trust Me, Medici) will also participate in executive roles.

The trio of Eisenhorn novels written by Dan Abnett followed the chief of the magistrate Gregor Eisenhorn and his accomplices to hunt down the demons and oppose the sweep of the Chaos army, which has been and is always considered one of the novels. Warhammer 40K Best ever. In addition, most fans believe that the moderate size of Eisenhorn is extremely suitable to bring this story to the small screen, before continuing with the Horus Heresy or stories related to each race. in the universe Warhammer 40K.

However, this is not the first time Warhammer 40K welcome the curtain on the silver screen. Dan Abnett himself took on the role of the script writer for the Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie, which was completely built in CGI and released in 2010. However, this film was not very well received, with many criticism for rigid acting and monotonous Ultramarine models.

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