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Movie Review Annabelle Comes Home: Made good the nature of a horror film (spoiled mist)

Maybe Annabelle 2 days ago has mixed opinions about the content of the film, as well as most comments are not very positive. I watched the movie a little later than the release date, despite the compliments, I left my ears and decided to go see it.

Note: If you have not watched Annabelle Comes Home, you can skip this article because there are paragraphs that precede the movie content.

Before discussing the content, the film's image is quite beautiful because of the scenes, lighting and costumes that match the 80s style in America. Any kind of horror-themed movie, the background will be something pale, and the actor will wear quite outstanding clothes as a highlight.

One thing the film does quite well to "scare" the viewer is to adjust to the dark scenes, it will be a black color, almost no lights, and if plus the light in the theater, the feeling Watching movies is extremely "boring".

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It was also from the light and the murmur, the sound of fearlessness also added a surprise to increase fear. If you take into account the scene of intimidation in the movie, then I will rate 8 on 10 (Jumpscare). The importance is still the thrill of the scenes where only one character is searching for something, because the audience will now be able to predict jumpscare but the problem does not know when it will happen at Come on … About this time I evaluated the movie to do good 9 on the 10th.

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Already! to the content and characters, if you are looking forward to 2 performances of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson (as Warren's prophet) starring, then condolences … the main role in this part is Judy daughter (Mckenna Grace plays) and 2 beautiful young actresses Madison and Katie as caretaker Judy before her birthday. Therefore, the whole film is directed to the most Judy character, if calculating Mckenna Grace's real age, she is only 13 years old. I have long been able to watch a movie in which the young child character plays the leading role with good acting like this.

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Judy is inherently able to see the world on the other side like her parents, so Judy is such a brave, brave little girl when a 10-year-old girl does not have any situations. making Judy shy. In the section Judy was eating lunch at school, she was afraid of the ghost of the pastor, but at home she was extremely brave, almost fearless. Fear will show through the face of the character, but "brave" I say here lies in action, Judy is very carefree to rummage through things without being shy even when she knows Annabelle is abusing.

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The content of the movie I evaluated is not "bad" or "bullshit" as many people said, I just found it too short to be easy to go. The nature of the Annabelle doll is a guide, so when the Warren couple drove through the accident or suddenly stopped in front of a cemetery, Annabelle was the cause of attracting many wandering souls or dying unjustly. Of course, when she was cast and locked inside a glass cabinet, Annabelle would be completely useless. It all began when the character Daniela opened the cabinet in curiosity, letting Annabelle escape, disturbing the entire house. The end is also extremely simple when just bringing Annebelle back to the glass cabinet, locking it is done.

Often this kind of content is good only in an episode, but the audience's curiosity is not available, it ends up so easily that the viewers are much less interested in curiosity, of course the movie is not after credit. .

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  • The content of the story is too short
  • The ending is too simple
  • Not expressing the meaning of the movie name "Annabelle Comes Home"
  • The purpose is to scare when watching: Movies do well
  • Movie character: beautiful dress, beautiful girl.
  • Acting: Good, especially with Mckenna Grace as Judy.

Perhaps the character acting has "saved" the content of short and simple movies, compensated through it. I still find movies worth watching, not to the extent that we have to deny it or take too much of it. As I think Annabelle will not have an end, in the future it is very likely that there will be some comeback of Annabelle, which can be more gruesome and terrible than the previous parts because it is essentially imprisoned, never destroy the soul of the devil.

Bad and or depending on the viewer feel, do not advise others not to see when you negative reviews about the movie.


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