Motorbike prices at the end of the year: Price-makers still do not have any cars for sale

Motorbike prices at the end of the year: Price-makers still do not have any cars for sale

The period before the Lunar New Year is a time when the motorcycle market is more volatile because this is the time when users often flock to shopping, car dealers also enlarge sales before the new year ends. , and prepare for the gloomy early months of the year.

Through reference at a number of motorcycle dealers in Hanoi, the price of motorcycles in the market currently has a clear differentiation between the two brands Honda and Yamaha.

Honda’s hot scooter has a price of tens of millions of dong

The pricing situation of Honda motorbike shops seems to be no stranger to Vietnamese users, especially at peak times of the year, such as before Tet. Normally, the most frequently priced models of Honda are scooter models with many selected products such as Honda Lead, Honda Vision, Honda Air Blade and especially Honda SH.

At the time of approaching Tet, the price of Honda SH cars at some Honda dealers is currently being very strong. By reference, the price of the Honda SH 150i ABS currently ranges between VND 102 – 114 million depending on the color version and dealer. In other words, the actual price of SH 150i ABS is actually 10 to 22 million VND higher than the listed price. Compared with the price of Honda SH cars a few months ago, the new price has also increased from 3-5 million.

Contrary to Honda SH, models such as Vision, Lead and Honda Air Blade is tending to stabilize prices, there is still a situation to make prices but the highest difference is only from VND 500,000 to VND 2,000,000, not as ridiculous as Honda SH.

Honda SH 2020

Honda SH 2020

Explaining the high difference compared to the listed price, HEAD’s authorized store staff members said that due to the huge demand for shopping car for Tet customers, the supply of cars is not enough to meet the demand. bridge. In addition, the fact that the Honda SH and Air Blade are both launched in the 2020 version at the end of the year makes the price difference from the listed price understandable. Explain the agent is like that, but the truth behind the price increase of the car is probably everyone understands.

Yamaha cars rarely see price status

While Honda motorbike shops are satisfied with the sales price at the end of the year, at Yamaha motorbike shops, the price of cars from digital cars to scooters has not changed. other times of the year.

Through research at some dealers, Yamaha models are currently sold at the listed price, even lower than the listed price from 500,000 to 2,000,000 VND. Only the Yamaha Exciter clutches are sold at the right price or higher than the listed price of about 500,000 VND.

Although the sales situation of Yamaha dealers is not as bustling as Honda dealers, but Yamaha still has two main models. Yamaha Exciter and Yamaha Sirius always had very good sales.

Manual clutch Yamaha Exciter 150

Manual clutch Yamaha Exciter 150

In general, users who want to buy a good price motorcycle should probably refer to the price of the car at dealers and compare with the listed price of the company, postpone buying the car before the Lunar New Year. If possible, please wait until the middle of the year – June or July because this is the time when the market cools down, dealers also have many promotions and offers for car buyers.



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