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Motor Image Vietnam offers a way to fix the error of the Forester’s engine inspection light display

An investigation from Japan Subaru Corporation showed that the engine inspection light was raised because the fuel injector was blocked. Therefore, Motor Image Vietnam will implement the following measures immediately:

Check – Replace damaged Fuel injectors

Customers who encounter the phenomenon of engine inspection lights while using a Subaru Forester, immediately contact Motor Image Vietnam on 0985 100 514 or immediately go to authorized service centers. to be specifically checked. If the fuel injector on your vehicle is damaged, Motor Image Vietnam will replace it free of charge.

All Subaru cars in Vietnam market have outstanding warranty: 5 years or 100,000 km so that customers can be completely assured that the car will be overcome with technical problems, if any and guaranteed. ensure the best performance.

Maintenance Package Exclusively for Vietnamese market

Motor Image Vietnam offers a way to fix the error of the Forester's engine inspection light display

The Subaru Japan group recommends that the use of engine cleaning solution will help to minimize the problem of the fuel injector clogging. The use of this solution is recommended every 5,000km. Customers can purchase this solution at authorized MIV dealers and get assistance filling in car fuel tanks, or they can also refill the car tank at home.

Motor Image Vietnam will upgrade the periodic maintenance service package every 10,000km for Subaru Forester vehicles by adding a free bottle of Subaru engine cleaning solution imported from Japan (Subaru Carbon Cleaner) to clean fuel system and enhance engine efficiency.

With the support of Subaru Corporation Japan and Motor Image Corporation Singapore, Motor Image Vietnam is committed to providing safe and reliable vehicles with Japanese quality standards as well as quality after-sales service. high for customers.

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