The temperature has gradually risen, and I can finally go out for cycling again, but in the days of rainy spring, how can I withstand the sudden light rain? BENKIA HDF-JS19 seven-piece water-repellent and drop-resistant jacket with protective gear combines the water-repellent function of the assault jacket with the safety of the drop-resistant jacket, bringing you a full range of riding protection!

Group purchase price: original price 3,980 yuan, group purchase price 2,990 yuan (excluding shipping)!

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BENKIA HDF-JS19 is equipped with a seven-piece protective gear. The shoulder and elbow protective gear is also CE certified; the surface cloth material is waterproof and moisture-permeable, which can release the moisture and sweat vapor generated by the body due to exercise, so that no water is generated inside the jacket Beads cause the body to be wet and cold, which in turn achieves the cooling effect and maintains excellent comfort and dryness.

Yaya is 160 cm tall and wears an M size.

The editor is 177 cm tall and the picture is L size.

Edited height of 177 cm, the picture is XL size.

The HDF-JS19 seven-piece water-repellent and drop-resistant jacket is also equipped with a hat, which can withstand light rain when you are not riding a bike.

The cuffs have a tightening function, suitable for different body types.

The cuffs have Lycra inner cuffs, and there is a hole for the thumb to pass through, which is convenient for tightly combining with the gloves.

There is also an adjustment mechanism on the inside of the sleeve, so that you will not wear a butterfly sleeve.

The forearm part also has an adjustment function to keep the protective gear in the correct position.

It has a small chest pocket and a waterproof design on the zipper.

The zipper on the front is waterproof.

The zipper hem has a devil felt design.

The chest protector is a normal cushion, which can be upgraded to CE protector.

The back protector is also made of soft cushion. If you want to increase the protection strength, you can upgrade the CE protector.

The inside is made of mesh material, so it won’t stick to your skin even if you sweat.

Both elbows and shoulders have CE certified anti-fall protective gear.

A total of seven pieces of protective gear are equipped, among which the elbow and shoulder have CE certification.

There is a design vent on the back to reduce the stuffiness during riding.

There are reflective strips on the hat to improve the safety of cycling at night.

The hem of the jacket has a tightening function to prevent the jacket from shaking while riding.

The neckline also has a reflective strip design.

The cap also has a tightening function.

The hat is detachable and can be taken off when not needed.

Product Information

  • Spring and summer men’s fall-resistant jacket, with water repellent, seven-piece protective gear rider trench coat.
  • The hat is detachable, and there are elastic cords + spring buckles on both sides of the hat for adjustment.
  • Front pocket + sleeve ventilation bag + front placket use high-quality waterproof zipper.
  • The cuffs have Lycra inner cuffs and a hole for thumbs to pass through.
  • All the seams are processed by hot pressing.
  • There is a vent on the back.

Size & color

  • Red: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL/4XL
  • Blue: L/XL/XXL/3XL
  • Black: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL

Group purchase discount: original price 3,980 yuan, group purchase price 2,990 yuan (excluding shipping)!

Please order me

Shipping scope: only on the island of Taiwan.
Shipping time: fixed shipment every week.

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