Moschino 'transformed' his show with fashion puppets amid the COVID-19 pandemic 3 minutes to read

Moschino ‘transformed’ his show with fashion puppets amid the COVID-19 pandemic 3 minutes to read

Coronavirus changed nearly everything about the way we live. Group events, for example, have been canceled, postponed or (in many cases) fully reviewed. So, what does that mean for fashion shows? That meant designers had to add creativity to show off their latest collections.

And although it is not possible to host regular catwalk shows this year, Moschino, an iconic Italian name, has a unique solution to share the look of Spring Collection. / Summer 2021 of them.

Made by the creative director, Jeremy ScottThis line-up is presented through puppetry figures wearing miniature versions of all of the designs included in the collection. The performance is titled “No Strings Attached” (No strings attached) featured puppet figures designed by Company Creature Shop by Jim Henson. They create both the model and the audience.

During the show, special models presented 40 different clothing designs, and each puppet figure showed perfect craftsmanship and sophistication in every detail. From the tight corset section to the pleats of tulle, every outfit is designed to fit into puppet figures like a hand-tailored glove.

However, those familiar with the creation of clothing will notice something different in appearance. The typical seam elements, patchwork pieces that are often kept hidden inside each design, are now externally laid out. “The dress is made in an inverse style,” Moschino explained, “While the tulle under the skirt extends beyond the skirtline, creating a unique silhouette and proportions.”

As for inspiration for this collection and its show, Moschino looks to 2020. “We wouldn’t call this a good start because it’s a whole new start,” brand explanation. “The operations inside are being bare; How these mechanisms exist and develop will change. ” Through fashion, brands have chosen “Reflect this phenomenon and build up from it“, Creating a unique means of presenting work. During a year of great upheaval, we celebrate this ingenuity as something new and inspirational that allows people to push the limits of their creativity.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: mymodernmet

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