MORIWAKI launches NEO CLASSIC BP-X full exhaust pipe for “REBEL”

Moriwaki Engineering has launched the “NEO CLASSIC BP-X” full exhaust pipe dedicated to HONDA REBEL 250, which is expected to go on sale in June this year.

Adopting a high-end bright black, the ultra-popular “NEO CLASSIC BP-X” is now more evolved, returning to the embrace of REBEL 250 again.

The “NEO CLASSIC BP-X” model that will be re-launched in 2020 has an overwhelming sense of existence with a rare lacquer black and colorful shiny black. Please don’t miss the black model with heat-resistant coating. A unique black design with a strong sense of metal.

“NEO CLASSIC BP-X” full exhaust pipe

・Exhaust pipe head section: stainless steel
・Exhaust pipe tail section: stainless steel
【Type of certification】Japanese government certification
[Exhaust emission test result certificate]Yes
【Exhaust volume】
・Close: 92dB
・Acceleration: 77dB
【Product weight】2.9kg
【Maintenance Parts】
・Oil replacement: ○
・Oil filter replacement: ○
・Available to use Chinese station:-

※The front pipe in the photo is “BRS Front Pipe”.

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Source “Moriwaki Engineering”
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