More than 6000 cases of COVID-19 a day, President Putin remains confident

More than 6000 cases of COVID-19 a day, President Putin remains confident

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                        More than 6,000 infections in a day, Putin said Russia is still completely in control of the disease.

April 19 is the day Russia recorded the highest number of people infected with COVID-19 since the outbreak in the country.

Hon 6000 cases COVID-19 one day, Tong thong Putin still believes
Russia recorded a record number of COVID-19 infections on April 19. Photo: TASS

The Russian COVID-19 Center for Disease Response confirmed in the past 24 hours an additional 6,060 cases, marking the highest number of new cases in a single day and bringing the total number of cases in the country to 42,853. .

Of the above-mentioned COVID-19 infections, 3,291 recover and 361 die. Moscow is the most affected region in Russia, with 24,324 cases and 28 deaths.

Despite an increasing number of cases, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the disease situation is still under control and officials at all levels are working to fight against the epidemic.

Putin also affirmed that Russia has all the resources needed to protect the people and support the economy in the middle of an epidemic.

“We carefully analyze the experiences of other countries, we actively work with our friends and foreign colleagues to understand what is happening; we see the risks, know what to do. in all developments of the situation (translating Covid-19) and doing what is necessary ”- TASS news agency quoted President Putin as emphasizing.

Earlier, on April 17, the Russian President also chaired a meeting on the progress of building and re-equipping health facilities in regions of Russia to combat COVID-19.

Experts explain the growth rate of new cases in Russia is due to the increase in the number of tests with greater accuracy. Russia’s COVID-19 epidemic center shows that 43% of those infected with the virus are confirmed to have no signs of the disease. In Moscow, the number is higher: about a week ago, about 40% of people diagnosed with the coronary virus were carriers of asymptomatic pathogens, compared with 60% now.

Early response to the epidemic also helps Russia have lower mortality rates than some countries in the world. The death rate is 0.84% ​​compared to the world is 6.7%.

Currently, Russia has used this method of treating the epidemic with three drugs used for patients with hepatitis, HIV and multiple sclerosis. In particular, Ribavirin has been used in the treatment of SARS in 2003 in China

The Russian Ministry of Health also describes in detail the treatment regimen for infected patients, the drug should be used within 2 days of contact with the infected person.

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Health also announced its approval to use Chinese-made drugs to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Health, there are no obstacles to the use of Chinese hydroxychloroquine (malaria remedy) that has not been registered for use in the Russian Federation to treat COVID-19 infections.

Previously, the Russian government instructed the Ministry of Health’s National Center for Cardiovascular Medicine Research to use and transfer to other health organizations unregistered Chinese Hydroxychloroquine with 68,600 packs to regulate. treat patients infected with new strain of Corona Virus

“From the standpoint of clinical pharmacology, there are no obstacles to using this batch of Hydroxychloroquine, because in terms of safety and efficacy, Hydroxychloroquine is no different from the previously registered drugs at Lien. Russia with no international ownership “- the report of the Russian Ministry of Health said.

According to the agency, Hydroxychloroquine is also manufactured according to GMP standards, showing that they meet all international quality requirements for pharmaceutical production.

In addition, Russia is also developing a vaccine to treat COVID-19, with the expectation of completing the test this fall.

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