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It is no longer a new thing to add a battle pass in the game. It started in Dota2, flourished in Fortnite, and then quickly became popular, ranging from casual games such as “Candy Crush Legend” to match-3 casual games, as large as “Original God” and other large-scale RPGs. , Have integrated the battle pass into their own payment system.

As a new type of game payment mode, the advantage of Battle Pass is that it binds the player’s game behavior with generous game rewards, and drives the player to play through the visible reward process, which is highly attractive to non-Krypton or micro-Krypton players. . Many old games under Supercell have been reborn with the addition of Battle Pass.

However, in the review of Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” product manager Eino Joas, he mentioned that the battle pass is not the main reason for the increase in turnover. Before the launch of the pass, the long-standing drawbacks of the game must be resolved in order to make the pass generate value. .

Recently, the data analysis company Gamerefinery published several articles about battle passes, taking “PUBG mobile” and match-3 games as examples, and discussed in detail the design methods of battle passes.

The following is the integrated compilation of the article by GameRes. (With deletion)

Top 100 best-selling games in the United States: 51% use battle passes

Gamerefinery took the top 100 games of iOS in the United States from August 2018 to April 2021 as the observation object, and found that the use of battle passes accounted for as high as 51%, but the real start of widespread use began in the summer of 2019.

No matter what type of game, you can catch up with this wave.

Due to the difference in game types, the pricing of the pass is also different. Among them:

(1) 37.3% of the games only set a purchase price, 62.7% of the games set multiple prices, usually to allow players to immediately upgrade to a certain level in the pass.

(2) The price of basic pass for more than 70% of the best-selling games is no higher than $10.

PUBG mobile

Based on the completion of daily and weekly tasks, two levels of rewards are divided into free and paid, and a level purchase mechanism is introduced. This is the design template for most battle passes, but the design of PUBG mobile has its own characteristics.

PUBG mobile S19 season

Season duration

In PUBG mobile, another method of earning pass points (called Royale Pass in PUBG mobile, hereinafter referred to as RP) is designed. Players can get corresponding RP points for every 100 minutes of play.

EZ Mission License

The content of the pass that needs to be paid to unlock can be unlocked in advance after holding it, so as to earn RP faster.

The special feature of PUBG mobile is that players can obtain the EZ Mission License for free after purchasing three consecutive quarters of passes.

RP Activity Packs (active packs)

A business model that spends money to enjoy pass rewards in advance.

For example, after purchasing an active gift pack, players can directly upgrade the pass to level 20, and there are also some gashapon coupons. After completing daily and weekly tasks, players can obtain corresponding active points in addition to PR points. According to the accumulation of points, they can return to the real currency of the gift package, and the full amount can be refunded at most.

In the case of the maximum return, the player is equivalent to a free upgrade of the pass, provided that the player must first spend money to buy a gift package.

RP Point Shop

As players have more ways to obtain RP points, developers need to adjust the balance of the pass. One of the solutions is to make RP not only used to upgrade the pass level, but also as a separate currency.

For example, in the RP point store, players can use RP points to buy decorations, gashapon coupons, materials for skin upgrades, and other game currencies.

Royale Adventure

For the payment model of Battle Pass, Royale Adventure is a complicated additional module. Players need to use RP Badges obtained from various channels to start Royale Adventure.

In Royale Adventure, players need to roll dice to determine the number of steps forward. Players can choose to throw for free or spend RP Badges to throw. The latter can prevent the player’s accumulated supplies from being damaged in random events.

RP team

Traditionally, battle passes are aimed at individuals, but PUBG mobile has introduced a team model.

After purchasing the pass, players can form or join a RP team, which provides rewards to team members based on the number of players in the team and the total pass level.

Gamerefinery summary

Compared with the early battle pass, PUBG mobile’s battle pass has developed into a behemoth, but this is an example of the evolution of the pass. Others include:

  • Difficulty-based pass design allows players to choose which level of pass should be purchased, further expanding the player’s self-realization value;
  • Battle Pass linked to subscription services
  • Battle Pass linked to the guild

The Pass Design Ideas Taking the Match 3 Game as an Example

1. Season duration and level of the Battle Pass

Developers can test the duration of the season and the upper limit of the pass level in days. In a match-3 game, the duration of a season varies from 7 days to 30 days. If this is the first time a pass has been introduced in the game, you can try to design the pass in a 7-day cycle and pay attention to the player’s reaction.

When designing season duration and pass levels, the following points should be considered:

  • Assess how fast the player can complete the pass
  • How many players have completed only half of the pass?
  • The average time it takes for a player to reach each level of the pass


These data help developers formulate battle passes, increase player payment rates, and players will receive huge rewards after completing their final goals. This kind of accomplishment is necessary for developers.

2. Pass rewards

In match-3 games, there are usually two reward design methods. You can use as a reference to choose the design method that suits your game.

(1) Players who pay to unlock the premium pass can get higher rewards

Dream Aquarium

(2) Players who have not upgraded the pass need to complete 2~3 levels to receive the reward.


3. Choose the right pass type

There are currently several ways to increase the level of the pass, such as:

(1) The user gets a corresponding number of stars after clearing the customs, and the pass level is linked to the number of stars

candy Crush Saga

(2) Obtain pass points after completing the game mission


(3) Players will get corresponding pass points after clearing the customs

4. Participation and retention rate

It is necessary to show the player the benefits of the pass. “Dream Home” is a positive example, which attracts players to participate by showing the rewards in the middle stage of the pass. You can design 3~4 interrelated rewards to motivate players to continuously improve the pass level.

Dream home

5. Paid conversion rate

Paying to unlock the premium pass can increase game revenue. First of all, players need to be clear about the income of the premium pass.

There are many ways to incentivize players to pay to unlock premium passes in match-3 games:

(1) Rewards that are several times higher than the free pass
(2) Extra stamina. The player’s stamina in a match-3 game is generally only 5 points, and the advanced pass can be expanded to 8 points or more.
(3) Special avatar
(4) Specific decorations, pets or other rewards
(5) Players who complete the pass can get super rewards

As for the unlocking method, it can be purchased directly with cash or with game currency.

Analyzing the behavior of pass players can help optimize passes and increase game revenue. To this end, it is necessary to understand players’ motivations, levels of participation, obstacles and incentives, such as:

  • The funnel structure of the pass
  • Time required to complete all stages of the pass
  • Average time to complete the entire pass
  • What kind of reward can more motivate users
  • Pass rewards and price optimization
  • Comparison of various indicators after optimization


These data will help developers improve the user experience, better guide players to pay to unlock premium passes, and increase the proportion of players who complete passes.

7. Game activities

Carrying out game activities during the corresponding season of the pass can increase user participation, such as a game activity that doubles the points within 12 hours.

If most pass players are stuck at a certain stage or have too few points accumulated before the end of the season, try to open activities to increase user participation.

This article analyzes the changes of various functions of the pass in different games. Generally speaking, it has such characteristics:

Most games use the first model when designing pass rewards, that is, free players will get rewards after completing each level;

The rewards of the first stage are free in all games

In most games, developers have personally experienced the difficulty of completing the pass, and there is reason to suspect that the optimization of the pass depends not only on the design of the task, but also on the technical capabilities of the team (the update plan for the next version);

Pass points obtained after customs clearance are a common type of pass, and about two-thirds of games use this type.

The following is a summary table of the battle pass design for mainstream match-3 games:

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