Migrants rescued from refrigerated vehicles in Greece on November 4. Photo: Reuters.

More than 40 migrants were rescued from refrigerated vehicles

GreekForty-one people apparently from Afghanistan were found in good health in refrigerated trunks near the towns of Xanthi and Komotini.

"The people in the truck are men and young men. The process of determining their nationality will take a few days," Greek police sources said today.

The migrant group appears to be Afghans, most of whom are healthy, with only 7 needing first aid in the hospital. The car is police-controlled on the Egnatia highway connecting the towns of Xanthi and Komotini in northern Greece. Georgian driver was arrested.

Migrants rescued from refrigerated vehicles in Greece on November 4. Image: Reuters.

The incident occurred in the context of the British authorities investigating the death of 39 people in the trunk of a refrigerated container brought from Belgium to the country on the morning of October 23. Essex County police believe the victims on the container are Vietnamese but have not been able to identify themselves. British authorities have so far prosecuted two tractors and arrested three others involved in the case.

31 Pakistani migrants were also found in a truck moving near the French-Italian border on November 2.

Vu Anh (Follow AFP)

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