More than 200 British scholars could be sued for helping the CCP develop weapons

More than 200 British scholars could be sued for helping the CCP develop weapons

British media reported that nearly 200 university scholars in the UK are being investigated by the government for allegedly helping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) produce weapons of mass destruction. If found guilty of violating the 2008 Export Control Order, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

Dongfeng-2 medium-range ballistic missile (Source: craa22uk / Wikipedia).

The February 7 news of the Mail on Sunday and the February 8 news of the Times said that the results of the investigation by the British MI6 Military Intelligence Organization showed that many British scholars had unintentionally transferred the copy. knowledge rights fall in very sensitive fields for a hostile country (CCP) that might violate the Export Control Order 2008 (Export Control Order 2008).

Twenty UK universities were involved in scandals, including many top universities

In October last year, the Henry Jackson Association released a report critical of the British Government for not prosecuting any scholars who violated an export control order. Then, the British Government opened an investigation into this matter.

The Times reported that the government is sending law enforcement notices to these scholars, who are suspected of having passed on research results in advanced military technologies such as aircraft, missile designs and weapons. qi for the CCP.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper quoted a report from Civitas, a private research organization, that 20 British universities have business relations with 29 Chinese universities and 9 CCP organizations with military backgrounds, including the Chinese Weapons Corporation. 14 out of 20 UK universities under investigation are top prestigious universities.

The two sides’ research includes nuclear weapons program, supersonic missile development, radar jamming systems, robots, spacecraft and stealth vehicles, and other leading technologies.

British scholars can be brought to court, more than 200 people are involved

British security is concerned that these studies will help Beijing develop weapons of mass destruction or use certain technologies to crack down on dissidents or ethnic minorities.

The UK Government spokesman emphasized: “Under the 2008 Export Control Order, exporters of military products and exporters involved in the transfer of military technology are required to obtain an export license or transfer from the British Government.”

A source told the Times: “Soon, we will likely see dozens of scholars go to court.” “Even if 10% of people (under investigation) are successfully prosecuted, 20 scholars will go to prison for helping China (CCP) build super weapons.”

Relying on “collaborative research”, the CCP’s military technology made rapid progress

Civitas, a private London-based organization, published a research report on the incident. The lead author of the report, also a former UK Treasury official, Mr. Radomir Tylecote, said that cooperation between British universities and the China Military Technology Center has reached a “Incredible level.”

When Beijing sought to develop hypersonic missiles, he gave, the two sides shook hands “Collaborative research” supersonic technology. When the CCP armored helicopters needed Graphene (the thinnest, hardest, most thermally conductive type in the world), Graphene research immediately began.

Mr. Tylecote said that the so-called “Collaborative research” this already “Enhanced the CCP’s military reputation and professionalism, the military, or some military corporations in general.” He also said that UK funding for this country’s military research is scarce, while UK taxpayers may be funding the CCP’s military research. For England, this was the wrong strategy.

In 2019, at the large-scale military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the usurpation, the CCP army demonstrated a new type of DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missile. It is said that this weapon can destroy any anti-missile shield that the US and its allies deploy.

“We have passed on secrets to enemy countries”

Last week, the University of Manchester terminated its research project with the China Electronics Technology Group (CETC), which is due to the fact that the Foreign Relations Monitoring Committee of the British Parliament has written to warn the university, The surveillance technology provided by the CETC to the CCP could be used to persecute the Uighurs.

President Tom Tugendhat, UK Parliament’s Foreign Relations Monitoring Committee, said: “Some universities in the UK have lost their moral character, and have not promoted academic freedom either. On the contrary, they have compromised our strategic interests. ”

He believed Britain’s undue ‘open university’ policy was flawed. “We are offering our own (military) secrets and helping a hostile nation become the largest military force in the 21st century.”

According to Civitas research, the CETC helps establish links between four Chinese military universities and seven British universities. This company is considered to be one of the main accomplices in monitoring and assisting the CCP.

From Simplified, Epoch Times

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