More people died from American riots

More people died from American riots

(News 24h) – A Capitol Electric security officer has just died after clashing with a group of protesters, the US plans to ban flying with the riot group.

Sputnik reported, a security officer at the Capitol just died after clashing with a group of protesters here on January 6. He was the fifth person to be killed in the clash. The remaining four are protesters.

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A security officer at the Capitol Palace has just died of serious injuries in the riots on Jan. 6. Photo: The scene at the Capitol after the day of the riots.

The Capitol’s security department said employee Brian Sicknick had died at the hospital due to the injury.

“Security officer Sicknick responded to the January 6 riots at the Capitol and was injured in fighting with protesters” – the security department said, adding that he passed away at night. 7/1.

Thousands of Trump supporters broke into the building, according to the Capitol Electric Security Division. They attacked the officers with metal pipes, chemical stimulants and other weapons.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman – Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson called on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to expand the list of federal flight bans to including everyone who took part in the turmoil at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

National law enforcement must prevent anyone present at the Capitol riot from flying, Sen. Bennie Thompson said.

“With the horrible terrorist attack on the Capitol of the United States, I urge the use of the authorities of TSA and the FBI to add the names of all the individuals identified as involved in the federal attack. and keep them off the plane ”- Mr. Thompson said.

Mr. Thompson added that the turmoil in DC “threatened the safety” of lawmakers and their assistants and was “seen as an attack on the nation”.

The statement comes hours after the FBI launched a plan to ask the public for help in identifying the rioters.

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Bullet marks on the glass doors at the entrance to the Capitol.

The Justice Department has also signaled that it will seek to punish people involved in the incident, saying that indictments will be brought in more than 50 related cases by the end of Jan. 7, and some have You may face insurgency accusations.

President Trump is believed to be the man behind the moves to riot at the Capitol and has locked Twitter accounts while still claiming efforts to urge protesters to leave the Capitol.

The incident has pushed the image of Mr. Trump too far prompting the resignation of many US government officials.

The latest officials in the Trump administration to step down include the Senior Director for Africa, Middle East and North Africa Affairs; Senior director of defense policy, weapons of mass destruction.

On January 7, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos filed his resignation, becoming the second member of the administration’s cabinet of President Donald Trump to leave to protest the case of many supporters of President Donald Trump had committed acts of violence and unauthorized infiltration into Parliament House the day before.

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The hat of President Trump’s supporters was left in the rubble at the entrance to the west hall. Photo: AP

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has also called on major social media companies to impose a permanent ban on President Trump’s account, preventing him from using their platforms in the future.

“Now is the time for companies to stop facilitating this monstrous behavior – and go beyond what they did by permanently banning this man (President Trump) from their platform and launching Policies to stop their technology are used by national leaders to promote uprisings, ”Ms. Obama wrote in a letter shared on Twitter and Facebook.

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama wants Twitter and Facebook to permanently delete Donald Trump’s account.

The former US First Lady reiterated the fact that most of the rioters who broke into the Capitol building were released by the local police, and very little protest.

In addition, former First Lady Michelle did not directly mention Trump’s name but said that the incumbent president was “childish” and “not patriotic, who could not handle the truth of the failures of self”.

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