Moon FM – Great radio and podcast application on Windows 10

If you just want to listen to a radio station in Vietnam and want to listen to an international radio station, the recommended option is Moon FM – the most perfect solution in this field.

Moon FM is an application that provides thousands of radio and podcast stations in many fields and countries for you to freely choose and download to listen when offline. The application was first developed on mobile platforms (Android, iOS), however in the framework of this article, we are dedicated to PC and laptop users. Specifically, there will be detailed instructions on how to use Moon FM on Windows 10.

Use Moon FM, You will feel the difference with the same function programs on Windows 10.

  • Has a beautiful interface.
  • Free and no advertising.
  • Use no account, no limit.
  • Listen to the radio all over the world.
  • Support adding stations and podcasts from outside according to OPML, RSS Feed.
  • Enhance the listening listening experience with the Equalizer tweaking tool.

Windows 10 PC compatible application. 299 MB capacity.

Moon FM has a different interface, it does not follow Fluent Design but still modern and special without advertising. It consists of 6 main items, we will learn more below:

1. Listen Now:

This is a personal section showing the new podcast episodes you are following.

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2. Discover:

This is where you can find special, proposed radio and podcast channels (mainly in the United States) or your own choice. There are 3 main sections here:

– Featured: Here are the best radio stations, selected podcasts, which are heard today.

  • With the radio, press the play button to play or mark favorites with the star.
  • With podcasts, choose the number of episodes you want to listen to or subscribe to (followSubscribe) from three dots button.

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– Browse: You click to browse to the content you want to hear.

  • Podcast: It will display a category of podcast categories for you to choose from.
  • Radio: Browse and open the desired radio channel according to your selected country (Select a country or region). To play, drag the mouse over the three dots button> Play Now. Moon FM supports many radio channels of Vietnam and foreign countries, so you will have a very rich radio source.

– Search: The fastest way to find your favorite radio channel, podcast is to search. Just enter the channel name in the Search box and see the radio list results, podcasts and episode numbers.

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3. Subscriptions:

In addition to the available channels, you can add your favorite radio and podcast shows outside the application. You have two choices:

– OPML Import: Add radio channels, podcasts via OPML file.

– RSS Feed: Add radio and podcasts via RSS Feed.


You press the three dots button to see more options RSS Feed. You paste the URL of the RSS radio channel, podcast> press Load RSS Feed. When it is identified, the channel you want to add will appear immediately below, press Subscribe To add. Application unlimited number of times to add channels.

4. Favorites:

This is where radio stations are managed (Live Radio), podcast program (Podcast), podcast episode number (Episode) that you marked as favorites. If you want to listen to the channel just press Play Now, If you want to delete the channel from the favorites, select Delete.

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5. History:

Show radio stations and podcasts you've heard recently.

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6. Setting:

Set up part of the application, allowing to change the language, interface color and the content of radio display, default podcast.

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  • Moon FM supports podcast playback by playlist, you press two arrow buttons to add to the playlist. Press the single note icon in the lower right corner of the playback bar to review.
  • You can customize playback speed (Playback rate) and improve sound quality when listening with the Equalizer tool. Click the icon to the right of the volume icon to perform.
  • Besides Windows 10, Moon FM also supports both Android and iOS, you can click on the link below to download and install the Moon FM for your phone.
  • To download Moon FM for Mac, Linux, visit the homepage:


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