Monthly analysis of casual games: new and old products work together to increase iOS downloads by 26%

In order to better understand the changes in the casual game market at home and abroad, Roski cooperated with AppAnnie to launch the “Casual Game Market Analysis” column. The market data and changing trends monitored by AppAnnie, combined with the excellent new product information of the month, summarize and summarize the casual game market situation on a monthly basis, hoping to help practitioners obtain more market information.

App Store casual game downloads in China in January reached 48.96 million, an increase of nearly 30%

According to AppAnnie data, the total downloads of casual games on the App Store in China in January were 48.96 million, an increase of 26% (iOS only). The approach of the Spring Festival holiday has injected more vitality into the mobile game market. At the same time, the traffic of the Spring Festival stalls has long become the “war among the military” of game companies. There are several hot styles during the Spring Festival every year, which are all topics that practitioners talk about.

From the perspective of product release time, Kunpo’s “Master of Emerald”, Fengyan’s “Brain Burner” and “Bath Center Tycoon” of LeFu’s “Bath Center Tycoon” have all conducted multiple rounds of tuning tests before the festival, and started at the end of January and early February. Quickly start the volume and compete for the flow of traffic during the Spring Festival.

Judging from category data, puzzle solving/brain teasers, .io, parkour/competition are the top three casual game categories by downloads in January, with downloads accounting for 17.75%, 14.17%, and 13.16% of the top 10. Among them, decompression games (casual> ultra-casual) became the fastest growing category in January with 1.32 million downloads and a 102% increase (iOS only).

As mentioned above, Fengyan Technology’s “Brain Out” launched in 2019 drove the popularity of brain teaser games. It is worth looking forward to whether the new work “Brain Burning Master” can achieve greater brilliance.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the domestic App Store in January) Data: App Annie

“Snake Battle” has been online for 5 years and still has vigor and winger network has emerged in the field of casual games

Looking specifically at the product situation, among the top 10 casual games in the domestic App Store downloads in January, Weipai’s “Snake Battle?-Waiting for You to Fight” won the download champion. Since the product went online in 2016, with the combination of classic gameplay and trendy elements, as well as continuous content updates, it has maintained a strong vitality 5 years after it went online.

The 7th most downloaded “Idle Arks”, the domestic version is “Building an Ark”, which is a placement and construction game released by Wingfeng. The game background is set after the flood, and there is no land for people to survive. Players need to collect resources and materials, save survivors, build arks on the sea, rebuild cities, and explore unknown civilizations. The gameplay is relaxed and casual, and the resource acquisition in the form of placement is more in line with the game needs of users in fragmented time.

“Roof Rails” is a parkour game released by Voodoo. The game is different from the common vertical stacking products on the market. It uses overseas popular videos as creative sources and develops a horizontal stacking gameplay. It is the only horizontal stacking product when the game is launched. Obtained excellent results with an absolutely differentiated experience. Details: Voodoo Share: Project development and tuning of the popular games “Tower Run” and “Roof Rail”.

(Top 10 casual game downloads in the domestic App Store in January) Data: App Annie

Next, let’s look at the data of casual games in the U.S. market.

The casual game market in the U.S. grows steadily, with nearly 330 million downloads in January

According to AppAnnie data, the total downloads of casual games on the App Store+Google Play in the United States reached 329 million in January, an increase of +6% from the previous month.

Judging from category data, puzzle solving/brain teasers, parkour/competition, and simulation accounted for 20.24%, 16.74%, and 12.15% of the Top 10 respectively, becoming the top three casual game categories by downloads in January. Among them, Mahjong (gaming>traditional gambling) had 13,700 downloads in January, becoming the category with the largest increase in January with an increase of 149%.

(January App store+google play casual game downloads in the top 10 categories in the United States) Data: App Annie

Stacking innovation emerges endlessly, cross-platform creativity has unlimited potential

In terms of specific products, “Project Makeover” and “Among Us! “Won the first place in the number of casual game downloads in January.

No. 4 “Oh God!” entered the download list for the first time and is a hodgepodge product. The game chose God, heaven, hell, and other Western cultures as themes, and modified a large number of gameplay methods available on the market to make them fit the game theme. And different from other hodgepodge games, “Oh God!” has many integrated gameplay methods that are rare. In the short game experience, there is no obvious cycle between levels, which effectively reduces the level of repetition and delays. The rate of loss of players.

No. 7 “Stacky Dash” was shortlisted for the first time in the download list. “Stacky Dash” uses a stacking method. Players need to control the direction of the character’s movement in order to collect more planks. When passing obstacles, they will consume planks. If the collected amount is insufficient, they will not be able to pass. However, even if the plank is insufficient, the player can still walk back to recollect, and move on after collecting. This design greatly reduces the punitive nature of the game and reduces frustration.

The eighth place “Giant Rush!” is new to the list, a parkour game. The game also absorbed some ideas of stacking gameplay and made innovations. In the game, it is no longer to stack certain objects, but to stack the characters themselves. In the level, players need to eat the villains of the same color to increase their size. At the end, they will enter the fight between the characters. The larger the difference between the two characters, the higher the score bonus.

No. 9 “Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin” is a new entry in this issue. The actions of the characters in the game are controlled by the system. Players only need to tap the screen to attack the enemy and avoid hostages. The overall gameplay is similar to some PC games in the early years, such as “VR Men”, “Blood on the Beach” and so on. It is presumed to be simplified based on PC games in order to adapt to the habits of mobile users and casual users.

(Top 10 downloads of American App store+google play casual games in January) Data: App Annie

Source: Roski


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