Montérégie Interné because of COVID-19

Montérégie Interné because of COVID-19

A young person with psychiatric problems who tends to go out without warning was forcibly interned to protect him from COVID-19, but also his mother who works in a water treatment plant.

“[Il y a] fears that he will run away again and that he will return contaminated, contaminating his mother, with all the disastrous consequences that this could cause, “reads a recent decision at the Longueuil courthouse.

Between dream and reality

The young man, who cannot be identified by court order, suffers from “probable schizophrenia”. He refuses to take his medication, refuses to be hospitalized and says that he cannot distinguish the dream from reality.

“He thinks that COVID-19 does not exist and that it is a dream,” noted the magistrate.

The young man admitted to having impulsive tendencies, but he attributed his outings to the bad influence of his friends. However, even if he testified in a calm manner and said that he was “getting better”, the judge did not want to run the risk.

“There is a real risk of danger, in particular an episode of the defendant’s wandering during which he could place himself in a potential contagion situation,” concluded the judge, ordering provisional internment.


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