Mont-Tremblant Police appeal to the courts

Mont-Tremblant police officer The FPMQ denounces the criminal investigation

The Federation of Municipal Police Officers of Quebec (FPMQ) on Friday denounced the opening of a criminal investigation against a Mont-Tremblant police officer. She claims that the city is trying to shut down the work of the police by holding these investigations.

The City of Mont-Tremblant notably criticizes the police officer concerned for having recovered emails exchanged with the mayoress of Lac-Tremblant-Nord, Kim Meyer.

An approach that “would constitute fraudulent and unlawful use of a computer” under the Criminal Code, was reported in the FPMQ press release.

The facts would go back last January, after remarks made by the mayor during a series of interviews with Radio-Canada, where she had told that the police had not responded to one of her calls to 911.

A speech which then made the police groups react, judging these statements defamatory and by the same fact, the exchange of “exculpatory” emails.

“This turned out to be untrue, whereas it was rather Mayor Meyer who chose to withdraw her complaint in this case, which had until then been handled by a police officer,” said the FPMQ.

The police union therefore denounces the suspension of the police officer accused in this affair, accusing the City of not hesitating to “attack its employees”.

“Filing a criminal allegation against a police officer who has nothing to be ashamed of is totally unacceptable. At a certain point, we are dangerously approaching a political use of the Sûreté du Québec, ”argued François Lemay, president of the FPMQ.

Tensions that persist

The Federation of Municipal Police Officers of Quebec (FPMQ) is not its first accusation against the City of Mont-Tremblant.

Several police unions had already filed a legal action last February to try to block the dissolution of the Mont-Tremblant Police Department and its replacement by a service from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

“Wanting at all costs a change in police service, elected municipal officials do not need to break the careers of dedicated police officers in passing through false criminal allegations,” said the federation.


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