Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – 4 things to look forward to

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – 4 things to look forward to

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Monster Hunter: World has received a lot of free updates since the game was released last year, and is one of the "iconic" games of 2018. And soon, the symbol is about to glow even more thanks to the eyes of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – "massive" expansion with lots of extra content like the new Elder Dragon named Velkhana, the return of the beloved monster Nargacuga or the ability to use fireballs with every weapon.

Not only that, Iceborne There is also a continuation campaign Monster Hunter: World, brings a lot of changes to the current game.

Here, please summarize the information Iceborne Capcom has "chewed goods" offline.


Latest area appears in Iceborneis an icy world called Hoarfrost Reach. Covered in thick and smooth snow, Hoarfrost Reach is home to endemic wildlife such as the familiar popo. Cold weather will also consume your stamina faster than usual, so you need to use herbs to make hot drinks. In addition, you can also go to the hot springs for heating.

This area is not simply a map I usually use, but according to the developer, the new parts of Hoarfrost Reach will be expanded on your journey to discover the story of Iceborne. The player can explore the entire area around the middle of the plot, and if you think the area looks wide … yeah … "this will be the largest area of Monster Hunter: World", Quote the developer.

Although it is so large, but the plot of Iceborne will be divided 50-50 between old and new areas, so you will have the opportunity to visit the Ancient Forest or Coral Highlands, and also be "thorny" when looking at white snow for hours.


Firstly, Iceborne will add the Raider Ride feature.

Raider Ride allows hunters to ride small monsters called Tailraiders to move faster. Although you cannot directly control the beast, you can use it to move quickly to a point on the map, or follow the footsteps of nearby monsters.

Next, Iceborne Will unlock the ability to use slinger and all weapons. At the same time, a new feature called Clutch Claw was also introduced. It allows you to cling to a remote monster and execute combos depending on each weapon.

Trailer introduced about Clutch Claw

Clutch Claw and Heavy Weapon

Clutch Claw with Light Weapon

Clutch Claw and Technical Weapon

Next, Iceborne will bring "dynamic difficulty" feature. In the past, each monster in the game will have two types of blood vessels. A bottle of blood for a single player experience, while another bottle is twice as much when you play with your teammates. Therefore, when you hunt with only 2, 3 people, things are often quite hard. However with Iceborne, the manufacturer will fix this by adding a new color tank with a volume between the two, and when a player exits, the monster's blood will change according to the number of players remaining. corresponding. And the special feature is that this feature will come to all players.

Final, Iceborne will add a new level called Master Rank. According to Capcom, Master Rank will be equivalent to G-Rank from products Monster Hunter before.


Capcom revealed information about some new monsters as follows:

  • Nargacuga: A familiar creature of the series will soon return Iceborne. Capcom said Nargacuga will appear in the middle of the plot of the expansion. And it looks like it will appear in the Ancient Forest, not Hoarfrost Reach.
  • Velkhana: A new Elder Dragon, Velkhana specializes in using ice attacks, and since it is a mysterious ancient creature, there are many surprises that players can expect.

  • Tigrex: A monster appeared for the first time Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Tigrex is known for his shrill screams and "muscle" power rather than elemental attacks.
  • Shrieking Legiana: A new variant of Legiana, Shrieking Legiana can slow down prey with a cold ice wind, as well as use various ice elemental attacks.

  • Banbaro: A dangerous wyvern appears Iceborne. Although there is a simple way of moving, it is mostly plunging straight at you, but its giant horns can "oblique" anything on the way. That means Banbaro can throw big rocks or big trees at you while attacking.
  • Beotodus: The first big monster you will encounter in Iceborne. This is probably the icy version of Jyuratodus, submerged in thick snow to wait for the bad prey, and you are one of them. Capcom said that the trick to destroy Beotodus was to lure it out of the snow.


Extended version Iceborne will be released on the console on September 6 this year, while PC gamers have to wait a little longer. Capcom wishes to be able to launch Iceborne for PC in the winter of 2019, and the company really hopes to improve the launch status more slowly on PC.

At the same time, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said Iceborne will "perfect" Monster Hunter: World. That means this will be the final expansion for the game, and in addition to some minor updates in the future, there will not be many new mechanisms, regions or monsters as in Iceborne where. That is, the company will put more effort into creating other game projects.

With its recent successes, especially with Monster Hunter: World When this product became Capcom's best-selling game in history, we had enough reason to believe that Capcom knew what it was doing. However, for a company that has a lot of well-known product lines like Capcom, probably the game lovers Monster Hunter It will take a long time for a successor game.

A good piece of information for you is the actual data from history, the time of launching the main game titles in the series Monster Hunter has the following rules:

  • Monster Hunter: 2004
  • Monster Hunter 2: 2006 (2 years later)
  • Monster Hunter Tri: 2009 (3 years later)
  • Monster Hunter 4: 2013 (4 years later)
  • Monster Hunter: World: 2018 (5 years later)

If Capcom continues this "tradition", it is not until 2024 that we have a succession game. Five years from now … it is reasonable to say it, but maybe, it can be profitable Monster Hunter: World What will make Capcom "vibrate" and break this rule?

Anyway, hopefully 2020 will bring us a movie Monster Hunter memorable, and Capcom will find a way to deal with the PC market a little better.

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