Monster Hunter Rise will be Switch exclusive for just one year

Those who like to keep the books know, Monster Hunter World was a game-changer for Capcom and turned the once-niche license into an interplanetary success, making it the goose that lays the golden eggs that it is today. hui. Indeed, its success has been such that more than 18 million copies have found takers by adding all the media, a not insignificant sum which also indicates that many players made their debut with this component (the second title in the series made half the sales…). If you are part of this lot and you are disappointed to know that Monster Hunter Rise is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, stick around, we learn today that its exclusivity will only be temporary.

This news, it is the former editor of Game Insider, now blogger at Fanbyte (link to his article in the sources), who shares it with us. Stung by thinking back to the big attack that the publisher suffered some time ago and which had revealed, among other things, that the last part of the monster hunting saga would not be exclusive to the Nintendo console, he estimated, Rightly so, that the publisher’s strategy drawn by the files extracted during the attack deserved to be confirmed and he naturally decided to ask the question directly to those concerned.

And what better opportunity than a month devoted to the next episode (opportune time for an interview) to find answers? Of course, it is from Ryozo Tsujimoto and Yasunori Ichinose (both at the top of the development team’s food chain) that he will have gotten what he was looking for. Indeed, Monster Hunter Rise is indeed still scheduled for a PC release and it would be in early 2022. It will therefore now be necessary to be patient especially as the duo insists, the game being in full development, the first images, it is not for now.

This is news that should satisfy those whose prospect of playing on Nintendo Switch was not thrilling. Until the date finally arrives, Monster Hunter Rise is still scheduled to release on March 26 as a TEMPORARY exclusive on Big N’s hybrid console.


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