Monster Hunter Rise will be entitled to its exclusive Nintendo Switch

Looks like Nintendo is thrilled to find Capcom and its franchise full of big monsters. At the same time, after the success of Monster Hunter World, one is only moderately surprised to find that Big N rolls out the red carpet at Monster Hunter Rise. And as much to say that the news of today confirms our statements. Indeed, wyvern hunters and other wealthy dragons will be able to invest in much more than a cartridge and a handful of Amiibos.

Boom! The area was supposed to be calm, but no, a shiny new form for the Nintendo Switch appears, a console in the colors of the last episode of the series. Indeed, you read well: as for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Monster Hunter Rise will also be entitled to its own bike. To give relief to the gray console, it will be black and gold printed patterns that will both recall the stylistic dressing of the game (mainly Japanese for this episode) while giving pride of place to Magnamalo, the monster that is worn – standard of the title.

Of course, for the price of a complete console, you’ll be delighted to learn that Nintendo doesn’t offer you a cartridge and that you will have to download the game using a code provided separately. On the other hand, since you have put the balls there, it is the Deluxe version of the game that you will be able to enjoy, including the DLC content and a little surprise.

Finally, if you have opened the wallet (or your purses are not very full), you know that a good hunter does not skimp on the expense to succeed in a hunt and a real hunt, it is completed with a “real” controller, eh? As you can imagine, the opportunity was too good. You can already pre-purchase a Pro Controller, also covered with a Magnamalo sticker. All these beautiful little accessories will be shipped to you if you buy them as early as March 26th, the date of release. Monster Hunter Rise exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


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