Monster Hunter Rise – Director speaks on player feedback

As is the case with almost everything, news sites and important personalities in video game journalism like to display and sometimes compare their opinions … If this is particularly the case for us, it does not it is no less for all these sites (Gamekult, GameActu and other and these YouTubers (Julien Chièze, AtOmium to name a few…) that you follow or not.

However, it is not as often that we hear comments from players in the video game itself about player feedback on their work. So when we have the chance to hear comments from the director of Monster Hunter Rise, Yasunori Ichinose, on what the players said or noted, it’s stronger than us, we share them.

You might ask us why this is interesting, right? If this is your case, it is interesting to listen to these comments since they usually tell us a lot about the ideas that punctuated the development and the points on which the teams took the most risks and on which they maintained the no more fears, points to which the director returned in his interview.

Yes because the comments in question, he made them to a colleague at Capcom, M. Shibata, in an internal interview published on Capcom-Unity (link in sources). And so naturally the introduction of new creatures, new mechanics and Chumsky (always the name of the canine companions for those who have forgotten) could have been a source of stress for the team that made the game, it is in fact the very Asian / Japanese theme adopted by this episode that worried the most Yasunori Ichinose.

You read well, what worried the director of the game, it was the aesthetic approach of the game… Curious, if you ask us… If we readily recognize the European medieval heroic-fantasy inspiration of the first parts, we really do not see the reasons to be worried about this point (especially given the success of games that took Japan as a central theme or setting last year like Ghost of Tsushima, Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, Persona 5 Royals, etc.).

Finally, do not hesitate to take a look at the entire interview, it also discusses the modalities of customization of feline and canine companions.

Well, we have widely spread the opinion of the guy and ours throughout this test, it’s now your turn if you wish. So what do you think of the approach of this new Monster Hunter Rise? Did the demo appeal to you? Have any points cooled you off? Comment on these points below or something else in the comments. Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 25.


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