“Monster Hunter: Rise” Director Ise Taevan Interview

After releasing a masterpiece like “Monster Hunter: World”, there is no way to go back. In the past, the “Monster Hunter” series has been very popular in Japan, but it has been tepid in the West. But after the popularity of “World”, this work has become Capcom’s best-selling game ever. As of September 2020, this work has sold more than 16 million copies (not including 7.2 million copies of “Monster Hunter: Icefield DLC). It can be said that “Monster Hunter: World” has become a phenomenal work sweeping the world.

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Back in 2017, after the great success of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma proposed that all future series of works be designed based on “Breath of the Wild”. It seems that Capcom also has a similar development philosophy, and the future works of “Monster Hunter” will also be closer to “World”.

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the exclusive new game “Monster Hunter: Rise” they brought to Nintendo Switch has a seamless map similar to “World”. Considering that the computing power of Nintendo Switch is obviously not as good as that of traditional home consoles, it is shocking enough to realize such a design.

Higher starting point, higher goal

“Rise” was developed in parallel with “World” by a completely different team. In an exclusive interview, the director Taevan Ichi told IGN that they originally planned to design a map to enter different regions through loading, which was the usual standard of the Monster Hunter series before the birth of World.

“For Nintendo Switch, we think it is difficult to keep the image quality and scene details in the sandbox environment on this machine. However, as the development progressed, we began to realize that the open world is the general trend of the future. The great success also allowed us to accept this challenge happily,” Yiset Taifan recalled.

The map publicly demonstrated on Nintendo’s eshop in January is a reflection of the team’s efforts. Not only did they reproduce a seamless hunting experience similar to the volume of “World” (but the environment details are not so rich), but the game’s graphics performance on the Switch is also quite eye-catching.

The open environment is not the only element that Rise of the World draws on. The overall design of “World” is more friendly to players, so it has attracted many new audiences of players. They listed many gameplay improvements, such as the ability to track the missing materials for weapons and armor, the ability to return to the camp at any time, the ability to change hunting venues without returning to the main base, and the ability to see weapon upgrades before the upgrade. The function of the tree and so on. “In this way, there are indeed many improvements we have borrowed from “The World”,” said Taifan Ichiset.

Prepare less and fight more

However, “Rise” did not learn from the successful design of “World” to ensure sales. This work is based on “World” and created a brand new “Monster Hunter” work. As long as you accept the commission into the game, you will immediately find that “Rise” is a work full of action scenes. The rideable dog hound and the flying insects make exploring the map easier than ever. In “World”, in order to show detailed map scenes, players need to check the footprints of monsters or other clues to track them. In “Rise”, you just fly to the monster with a rope.

The guide bug that guides the direction in “World” is also cancelled. Players can see where the monster is when entering the game, with a[? ]Mark on the map. Although you can only know what it is after encountering a monster, and only after exploring each scene in detail, you can know the details of the map, but this design obviously speeds up the pace of exploration. For players who do not like the time-consuming hunting for monsters in the previous game, “Rise” is more biased towards a pure action game, which greatly reduces the process of exploration and allows more players to enjoy the process of exploration and battle.

The process of preparing for the hunt before the battle has always been the traditional gameplay of the “Monster Hunter” series, and in “Rise”, players can prepare on the way to the hunt. Continuously enhancing creatures are walking around on the map. Collecting them can gain attribute bonuses for continuous hunting. The specific attribute bonuses you get depend on the route you go forward. If you ignore them and go straight to the hunting target, the task difficulty will increase significantly.

Players can still eat cat meal before hunting, and continuous enhancement of creatures will bring sufficient attribute bonuses. Other aspects are similar to “World”. Toshi, fishing rods, and insect nets have all become fixed props. Although the setting of grinding stone to keep the sharpness of the weapon is retained in this work, the player can sharpen the knife when the follower dog is flying to the target without stopping and performing it. In previous works, if you forget to bring hot drinks in a cold area, you will encounter a lot of trouble. The director Taevan Izase said that the cold/hot drink setting has been cancelled for this work. For those players who like the combat system but are bored with the task preparation process, “Rise” will definitely bring a better experience.

Easier to learn but the challenge remains

But this does not mean that the battle will become easier. It can be seen from the previous demonstration that the process of hunting monsters still requires considerable effort, which is still a big challenge for those series veterans. But in this game, Capcom makes the combat experience easier to learn.

Through the cat meal eaten before entering the mission, and the collection of continuous strengthening creatures on the road to obtain the highest attribute bonus, the player has gained much more first-hand advantage than in previous works. The great thing about this game is that Capcom still doesn’t add difficulty settings, and the player’s choice will determine the actual difficulty of each battle. If you want a more “hard-core” hunting experience, you can choose not to eat cat rice or collect any attribute bonuses.

“I think those experienced hunters don’t need to detour to gain attribute bonuses before the battle, but if you want a more balanced combat experience, it might be better to collect some continuous enhancement creatures along the way.” Taifan Ichase proposed Such suggestions.

However, the challenging and satisfying combat experience of the “Monster Hunter” series remains unchanged. If you are a new player in the series, even with the highest attribute bonus, some of the more difficult tasks will definitely not make you feel good. Ichisete Taifan suggested that novices can accept more village commissions to reduce the difficulty of learning the game. In previous works, village commissions were all plot tasks that were only completed by one player.

“We have lowered the difficulty of the village delegation, so it is very suitable for new players to play.” Taifan Ichiset told us.

Hunting together is stronger

In previous works, the follower Ellucat will assist the player in tasks. They will not only follow the player in battle, but also help you heal when you need to increase your health. But in this work, the above-mentioned follower tooth hound will bring a new auxiliary function. They not only speed up the pace of the exploration process, but also perform simultaneous attacks with the player, helping you quickly enter close combat.

“You can choose at most two hunting buddies. Of course, the most balanced choice is a follower Elu and a follower Toothhound. But if you are a crossbowman, bringing two followers is a better choice. “Ichisete Taifan explained the entourage system like this.

Even if hunting partners come to help out, the battle will not become easy, and you can open multiplayer games at any time in the game. Ichisete Taifan told us that the online experience has also become more seamless. In “World”, your friends will only appear in the top assembly of the stronghold; in “Rise”, you can explore the entire village with other players, and the teaming system becomes easier to understand. You can even go to the training ground to practice cooperative combat skills before entering the mission.

Although there are specific areas for players to practice the operation of the larva, the movements of the larva can be used throughout the village. You can quickly teleport to any facility in the village, but you can practice this new mobility ability in a safe environment if you use the flying insect to fly over. Ichisete Taevan proudly told us that he himself has been able to use snails to land in front of any facility or NPC.

The training ground has also been improved and upgraded. Players can set the attack mode and head position of the mechanical kappa frog. Use this to practice the attack tactics of various weapons in different situations.

Weapons are hard to master, and upgrades are easier

Speaking of weapons, Ichisete Taifan hopes that in this work, players can often switch between different weapons. He understands that mastering one weapon is also the fun of the game, but there are 14 different weapons in this work, and if you only play one, you will miss many unique experiences.

“One of the reasons why players only play with certain weapons is the large amount of materials and time required to upgrade a weapon, so we decided to drastically reduce the amount of raw materials required to upgrade weapons in “Rise”.” Taifan Ichinose told us. In view of the long time required to brush materials in the previous game, this seems to be a big improvement for casual players.

The challenge of mastering a weapon is still unabated, and weapon teaching will only introduce many practical skills. Taifan Ichiset told us that the development team did consider teaching players more combat skills, but after everyone discussed it, they finally thought that this would only make it more difficult for most players to understand the combat system, and it would also make the game more difficult to learn. It does more harm than good.

When asked about the most suitable weapon for novices, Ichisete Taifan said that he would recommend the use of one-handed swords in the past, but this weapon has become quite difficult now and is not suitable for novices.

“I think Taito may be the best novice weapon right now. You can easily play combo moves with the touch of a few buttons, and you don’t need to practice precise blocking timing.” Said Ichisete. With the appearance of a katana and the action of Iai’s drawing and slashing of swords, Dachi is a perfect match in the context of the Japanese setting of “Rise”.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” will land on the Nintendo Switch platform on March 26.

Source: IGN China
Address: https://www.ign.com.cn/mhrise/31312/interview/


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