“Monster Girl Doctor” Review

Evaluation 41 points all 12 episodes

Synopsis A world where humans and demons have been at war for 100 years with the Vivre Mountains as the border.Lind Wurm, a city where humans and demons can coexist in a world where such grudges remainQuote-Wikipedia


  1. Serious!

    1. Easy to understand
    2. treatment
    3. serious
    4. surgery
  2. General comment: The fun of being carefully stacked

    1. Personal impression: Monster girl


The original is a light novel work.
Directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki, produced by Arbo Animation
By the way, “everyday with a monster girl”
There is a work with a similar title, but it is irrelevant.

Easy to understand

Image source: Monster Girl Doctor Episode 1
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

A monster girl who starts episode 1 and raises a “voice without hail” as soon as possible
It is the hero who is a doctor who is palpating her,
Although he is a human being, he runs a clinic specializing in demons.
The assistant is a “Lamia” girl who is in love with the main character.

With an easy-to-understand world view, easy-to-understand settings, and an easy-to-understand story set
There are some sexy elements, but somehow it’s chilly.
The reason is that the main character seems to have no “sexual desire”.
No matter how much the patient is panting, no matter how sexy he looks, no matter how sensual
He sees them only as “doctors” and “patients.”

For the time being, I may blush, but
Although there are many sexy scenes, compared to other sexy anime
The reaction of the hero is extremely weak. He’s just a doctor,
Seriously treat the monster girl as a medical worker
You can have an attachment to the straight hero.

The Lamia girl who supports him is also worried as a doctor, and he is still growing
As a pharmacist, as a girl in love, and as a childhood friend, it’s funny to see her.


Image source: Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

However, the story itself is extremely plain,
Every episode, patients of monster girls of different races appear, and their worries and illnesses
Face to face, the hero treats.
While assessing the “ecology” of the girls of various races, determine what kind of disease they are.

Basically what you are doing is patterned
The impression is that “sexy elements” are added to prevent it from becoming a rut.
The drawing is not very good, and the sexy scene is not the main axis.
Therefore, in the activity of a serious monster girl doctor
Sudden sexy scenes often create a sense of discomfort.

The wording is extreme, but it seems like I’m forcibly putting in a sexy scene.
Only for medical products with a serious story
The sexy scene that suddenly enters there gives the impression that it is fragile.
Because the ecology of various races is properly considered,
Seriousness and obsceneness do not live well in the work.

However, if there is no sexy scene, there is a part that will be finished in a work that is too plain.
Shouldn’t it have been a little more sexy? I feel that.


Image source: Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

Occasionally, it’s also a serious development.
It is a world view with only natural ice and no science and technology.
There are also “slave traders”.To solve such problems
Although there are battle scenes of monster girls,
It will not be an extreme serious development.

Basically this work is serious.
Because I am serious, I can not do extreme seriousness or extreme eroticism,
That’s why it’s always unsatisfactory somewhere, and it seems to be exciting and not exciting.

Many of the characters that appear are cute and attractive.
However, such characters are sung by a stake named Serious.
Although the setting of the race and the setting of the world view are surprisingly elaborate,
I should be able to develop something more attractive and expand the world view.
It fits in a serious frame.

As the story goes on, there will be some “harem” elements,
Not only does the main character have no such intention,
The sexy scenes are often felt by palpation and have been patterned.


Image source: Monster Girl Doctor Episode 11
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

The final stage will be “Dragon Surgery”. A dragon trying to accept his illness as a natural life
The main character and the characters that have appeared so far to help her
The development of performing surgery together is not bad,
I can feel that this work is finally getting excited at the end.
Make needles to pass the scales of the dragon, persuade the dragon, and perform surgery together.

This work is seriously with the character
It’s an operation like the culmination of stories. The life-threatening dragon surgery
It makes me realize that this work is an unmistakable “medical animation”.

Although the final story is epilogue-like,
Because the hints and main story are thin works,
It is neatly organized as one cool work,
It was a work that made me feel like I had finished watching one work.


General comment: The fun of being carefully stacked

Image source: Monster Girl Doctor from episode 12
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

Overall, it’s a very serious work.
As the title of Monster Girl Doctor,
The hero examines and cures the illnesses of various monster girls.
Although each race has its own characteristics, it is not easy to deal with the disease and treat it.
The light feeling leads to sober fun.

However, the sexy scenes are completely patterned,
Mostly by “palpation”, even if the monster girl changes
I didn’t change much, and although there were situations such as blindfolds,
It can’t be said that it is well-developed, and there are some parts where sexy scenes are forcibly included.

It might have been fun if it was more
This work only deals with “medical care” seriously
It’s an impression that the sexy scene is halfway without being completely disappointed.
Although it becomes a harem as the story progresses, the main character is one-sided,
Although the heroines are attractive, they feel a little unsatisfactory.

The story at the end is that such seriousness is accumulated,
It is connected to the big circle and the happy ending,
Because there is no complicated story, it is neatly organized as a work,
Although it is undeniable that it is a sober work with a thin connection,
It was good to be immersed in the atmosphere of this work.

It may not come out at the stage of the first episode, but as the story progresses
Mysteriously, the fun of this work oozes out,
At the end, it is a work that can be said to be interesting.
The sexy scene may be a part where you have different tastes,
If you don’t mind that, it’s a work that you can relax and enjoy.

Personal impression: Monster girl

Image source: Monster Girl Doctor from episode 12
© Yoshino Origuchi / Z Ton / Shueisha / Lindworm Medical Association

If you want to be sexy, “everyday with a monster girl”,
This work was a good Shioume daily anime.
However, the soberness is undeniable, and it is plain.
It’s a work that has different tastes in combination with the sexy scene.

There is a part that I would like to have two terms,
It’s a work that was interesting to see until the end,
It’s a work that is subtly difficult to tell people “This work is interesting!” (Bitter smile)

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Monster Girl Doctor (1)[With electronic limited bonus paper](RYU COMICS)
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