Money laundering A former coach of Georges St-Pierre is extradited

Money laundering A former coach of Georges St-Pierre is extradited

A former trainer of fighter Georges St-Pierre, who was arrested for money laundering in Argentina in October under an international arrest warrant, was extradited to Canada a few days ago.

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Victor Vargotskii was the kickboxing instructor of the Quebec mixed martial arts champion during the 2000s. He would be a former sniper of the Soviet Union, according to what St-Pierre already indicated in a report.

He faces several counts of money laundering in Canada.

He was charged in 2019 with laundering the proceeds of crime, trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime and possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

Millions of dollars

The scheme in which he allegedly participated would have allowed millions of dollars to be taken out of Quebec from, among other things, the sale of drugs, according to the Collector Project investigation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The former coach of St-Pierre fled out of the country two months after a search carried out in March 2018 at his home in Montreal.

The RCMP then found eight cell phones, $ 531,425 in cash and 16.24 kilograms of hashish in his home.

“The extradition was in order that he could face the charges,” commented Geneviève Byrne, corporal in the federal police, in a telephone interview yesterday.

The RCMP yesterday confirmed Vargotskii’s extradition on his Twitter account.

He appeared the day after his extradition to Canada, last Friday, and will remain in detention until his next appearance on 1er March, the RCMP reported.

Tax issues

Our Bureau of Investigation reported not long ago that Revenue Canada is also chasing Vargotskii.

According to a file in the Federal Court, Vargotskii would not have declared in six years income totaling $ 845,993, or 1,124% of his known income.

The tax authorities are contesting a maneuver he allegedly used to make his Montreal house elusive. Vargotskii “has the ability to wipe out its assets quickly,” according to the federal agency.

In a show UFC All Access, in 2007, Georges St-Pierre said he was more afraid of his trainer than of his opponent in the octagon.

“It’s not normal,” he said.


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