Modern design, stable performance

Fossil is a reputable smartwatch maker in the market, and a good brand for those looking to buy a reliable product. Fossil Gen 5E is the latest version of the company’s smart watch, possessing new features and improvements compared to the previous generation product line. The article reviews in detail Fossil Gen 5E, from which only the pluses and minuses of the product line.

The product has a simple and neutral design, with the main color being jet black, making it comfortable to wear on your hand without attracting too much attention from people around. In addition to the 44mm dial version we used in this review, you can also opt for a 42mm version.

The watch has many useful features and has a good level of performance, providing a smooth user experience without too much lag. Possessing a slim design, the Fossil Gen 5E allows me to wear it on my wrist for a long time without any pain. And similar to the previous versions of watches released by the company, the design of Fossil Gen 5E meets the water resistance standard, giving you more peace of mind during actual use.

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Fossil Gen 5E: Design

Similar to the watches released by the manufacturer before, the Fossil Gen 5E is a product with a good build quality and level of finishing. The watch measures 44mm in diameter, about the same size as the previously released Fossil Gen 5 watch.

In addition to the 44mm dial version we used in our review, you can also opt for a 42mm version of the watch. This version is more suitable for those with small wrists. Fossil Gen 5E owns a minimalist and neutral design language, with the main color being jet black.

On the design side, we feel that the Fossil Gen 5E’s bezel around the screen is a bit thick. The screen of the machine is only 1.19 inches in diameter, making the content displayed above a bit small and difficult to read. This design reminds me of watches that specialize in sports, instead of a product from the world’s leading smart watch manufacturer.

You can interact with Fossil Gen 5E apps and operating systems through a small function button located on the right edge of the watch face. With this button, you can open the menu item, return to the main screen and when held down for a while will allow you to interact with the virtual assistant Google Assistant. This button is placed in a reasonable position and has a very good bounce, providing a good press feeling and compactness.

Overall, the Fossil Gen 5E is a watch with good build quality and finish. The Fossil Gen 5E strap can be easily removed and replaced with 3rd party straps.

Fossil Gen 5E

Fossil Gen 5E: Screen and software

The 1.19-inch screen of Fossil Gen 5E is only temporarily acceptable for a smart watch. The screen has a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels, delivering a pixel density of 328 ppi similar to the larger version of the Fossil Gen 5 watch. Everything displayed on the screen is sharp. and brightly colored. The watch has several watch face skins available for you to choose from, these skins have a pretty diverse and eye-catching design.

Fossil Gen 5E runs on Wear OS 2.23 platform developed by Google. The watch is packed with the latest fitness-enabled features of the operating system, along with new updates to the design of the interface. The watch also features Fossil’s latest features, including the Wellness fitness app and battery life extension mode.

The screen of Fossil Gen 5E has good display quality, making content such as messages or health information displayed clearly and crisply. And with a fairly high brightness level, you can use the watch comfortably in places with lots of natural light.

Fossil’s health monitoring system is based on the Snapdragon 3100 chip, providing efficient power consumption but a bit limited in terms of features. The watch has only 2 exercise modes: indoor and outdoor. In addition, the watch provides users with basic information during exercise such as exercise time, distance traveled, heart rate data.

Since there’s no built-in GPS, you won’t be able to use the Gen 5E to determine your current location. Wellness health monitoring application has the ability to track daily activities, sleep quality, heart rate, then aggregate it all on one screen. Fossil Gen 5E offers a smooth and stable usage experience in most cases.

Fossil Gen 5E offers a smooth and fast user experience, but there is one minus point. This minus point is the ability to display notifications, specifically the display frequency is not very stable.

Fossil Gen 5E: Battery life and performance

Fossil Gen 5E uses the old chip Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 along with 1GB of RAM. Although not equipped with the latest generation components, Fossil Gen 5E offers a fairly smooth user experience. The watch responded quickly and accurately to all controls and there was almost no lag during my use.

According to the manufacturer, the Fossil Gen 5E’s battery life is estimated to be about 24 hours with moderate usage. If you turn off the watch before going to bed and do not use the health monitoring features, the battery of the watch can last up to 2 working days.

In case the watch is fully charged in the morning, with mid-range usage and about 30 minutes of use of the health monitoring feature on Fossil’s application, the watch will run out of battery after only 1 day. This is not an impressive level of battery life, but it is within an acceptable range for Wear OS-based watches on the market.


The Fossil Gen 5E is a watch with an eye-catching and modern design that performs well in most use cases and feels comfortable on the hand. The watch has a cheaper price, has more options in size and design than the original Fossil Gen 5 watch version. While there are not many big minus points, the Fossil Gen 5E does not do too well in one area. certain face. Specifically, the health monitoring feature of Fossil Gen 5E does not have many functions.

The Fossil Gen 5E is a good choice for those looking to buy a universal smartwatch, whose primary use is to monitor notifications and check messages.

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Plus mark

  • Trendy design
  • Smooth performance
  • Released in 2 sizes
  • Comfortable wearing experience

Minus point

  • The screen border is a bit thick
  • Battery life is not so impressive
  • Using old processor chip

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