Mocato M501 Air humidifier on hand: Strong mist spraying, large capacity tank - VnReview

Mocato M501 Air humidifier on hand: Strong mist spraying, large capacity tank – VnReview

Mocato M501 Air is a humidifier designed to use electric current from USB quite conveniently. The machine has a capacity of 3.3 liters, enough for continuous use for a long time. The product is being distributed by Mocato Vietnam genuine at the price of VND 490,000 with a genuine 12-month warranty.

Open the box and design.

The product has a cylindrical design with dimensions (width x height) of 150mm x 251mm, respectively. With this size, the machine volume can hold up to 3300ml of water for 48 hours continuous misting time.

The machine is made from high quality virgin ABS plastic for high durability, without the smell of poor quality plastic like non-native inexpensive nebulizers.

The top of the device has a design with openings to display RGB LEDs. The middle area has a hole for them to pull the lid up to feed water into the camera body. Under this cavity are the locations of 2 mist spots of the machine.

Two water guide bars for the fog point

The upper part of the device has a quite unique design with rabbit ears, this detail makes the machine less monotonous.

At the back of the device is designed 1 Micro USB power supply port and a function control button.

Overall the machine has a compact design, we can easily arrange the machine on the desk, bookshelf or on the bedroom chalk table.

Experience of use

This machine has a fairly simple usage, the user needs to do is pour water into the tank, supply power through the Micro USB port and press the button to operate the machine.

Because it uses DC power through the USB port, so users can easily arrange the machine anywhere. Even where there is no power source, we can also use the power from the power bank.

The machine has 3 injection modes, in the first mode, both injection points are sprayed with strong intensity. The second mode is two spray points that will be activated alternately and the third mode is two spray points that will operate intermittently.

To turn on and off the LED light of the machine we press and hold the rear button for about 3 seconds, the light will turn on / off. RGB LEDs are very beautiful, users can take advantage of the lamp to replace the night light when using it at night.

According to information from the manufacturer, the machine uses dew particle hydration technology, emitting dew particles with nano size, thereby increasing the moisture compensation efficiency of the skin by 80%. We will use the first spray mode when the weather is dry and requires rapid and high humidity increase. Use mode 2 3 when a moderate increase in humidity is needed. Due to the low cost that suits the majority of users needs, the machine is not equipped with a humidity sensor to automatically adjust and set up like more expensive models.

With the need to use the normal humidity balance of most people, we just need to equip a conventional model like this to do its job well.

The experience of using in actual usage conditions in the room with heater on, before turning on the unit, the humidity and temperature recorded by the hygrometer is 34%.

After about 30 minutes of operation, the machine has compensated humidity for the room by 65%, feeling the air in the room more comfortable when turning on the machine, no longer feeling dry and stuffy due to no loss of humidity caused by the heater. . Similarly, we also tested the machine in a room using air conditioning, the humidity was also below 40%. The machine helps to balance humidity to 60% after 35 minutes of misting.

The volume of the machine’s water tank is up to 3300ml in interrupted mist mode, the machine can operate continuously for 48 hours to run out of water, when the tap water runs out, it will automatically stop working. We can use it year round from hot to cold season whenever room humidity conditions drop to a low threshold.

According to experts, when the air humidity gets too low, the body releases water vapor through the skin faster than normal, making it easy to dry. The air humidity that helps our body in its best condition ranges from 40-55%. So in dry weather, or when we use devices that cause an imbalance of humidity in the air such as heaters or air conditioners, it is essential to have a machine to help balance the humidity.


With a cheap price and genuine warranty in Vietnam, Mocato M501 Air is a humidifier worth considering. The machine has a simple design that is easy to use, safe plastic material. Thanks to not using direct power source, the machine can easily be arranged for use in many different positions such as desk, reading room, bedroom …

Dao Truong

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