Mobile World officially jumped into the glasses business

After the watch, Mobile World retail chain officially opened its first glasses shop.

Mobile World has officially opened the first fashion glasses shop in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. The new item will be on display inside the Mobile World store, including the supermarket watch industry.

Doan Van Hieu Em, CEO of Mobile World Joint Stock Company, said the first store will have about 600 models of glasses. Similar to the previous watches, fashion glasses will serve the intermediate customers, with prices ranging from VND 600,000 to VND 3 million.

Mr. Hieu Em forecast the size of the eyeglasses market will be larger than the clock, which is about 1 billion USD (genuine distribution products). Currently, watch sales account for about 25% of sales at a Mobile World store, so opening up more glasses will help the mobile chain increase sales per store.

“We went to a large eyepiece shop and saw that each store has about 1,000 models, 600 of which will be enough for customers to choose,” said Mr. Hieu.

A customer is trying his glasses at Mobile World. Photo: Hai Dang.

With the opening of more watches and glasses, a new group of customers will come to Mobile World, so the revenue potential for mobile and electronics products will also increase.

After testing glasses items in District 9, Mobile World will deploy this additional product group at other Mobile World and Green Electronics stores.

Expected to 30/9 Mobile World will open about 100 watch stores. By mid-2020, the chain is expected to open 500 watch shops (and eyeglasses), which is equivalent to the total number of large eyewear shops currently in Vietnam – according to Mr. Hieu Em’s forecast. With this number, Mobile World wants to occupy half of the market for genuine watches.

Today, a Mobile World store sells about 25-30 watches, equivalent to 25% of the sales of a store of VND 4 billion / month.

Watches and glasses are still on display in Mobile World and Blue Electronics stores. Mr. Hieu Em said, the desire to expand these items faster but the supply ability of the partner has not yet met.

* Source: ICT News


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