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Mobile World celebrates 15 years of establishment, how many years have you bought goods?

Yesterday, July 15, The Gioi Di Dong organized an event to celebrate their 15th anniversary, marking the start of a business from a small shop on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street to become a large system like the present. It also extends from phones to electric machines with Dien May Xanh, consumer food with Green Bach Hoa. Mobile World says that despite many improvements over the past 15 years, its core is still Customer, cultural worship places customers at the heart of all their thoughts and actions.

In 2008, the company's revenue was only VND 1960 billion, 10 years later it increased to VND 86516 billion, 44 times increase. Net profit in 2018 reached 2880 billion VND, 59 times higher than in 2009. Currently, The Gioi Di Dong is the second largest private enterprise in Vietnam and named in the list of 100 largest retailers in Asia Pacific region. Binh Duong is announced by Retail Asia and Euromonitor in 2018.

The CEO also 3 times led the ranking of the 50 most effective investment companies listed by Investment Bridge magazine and twice in the list of the 50 best listed companies in Asia Pacific region. Forbes Asia and is the only Vietnamese company to make this list twice.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! How many years have you bought or how much money have you bought?

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – Chairman of the Board

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At the event, 5 founders of the GDD had a big boat show to the sea for 5 current leaders.

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The event also has the participation of leaders of brands and brands. In particular, perhaps the remarkable moment is the 5 major partners on the stage: OPPO Chairman, LG CEO, Samsung CEO, Sony CEO, Panasonic CEO. (in VN).

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