Mobile game purchases in March 2021, marketing diversified gradually

On March 18th, Kuaishou’s first heavy mobile game “Soul Soul Street: Wuhun Drive” was officially launched. After four days, ByteDance announced that it had reached a merger agreement with the game company Mutong, which became its mobile game business. Add new power.

The platform side enters the game battlefield and grabs limited player resources with advertisers who specialize in games. On the one hand, the pressure on buying increases, and on the other hand, many manufacturers begin to think about more ways to play out of the game.

So what is the reliance of game advertisers on buying volume and channels? What are the new mobile game marketing trends in March? Does the new tour only rely on the purchase volume?

01. Game purchases urgently need to break the game and turn to new channels and new marketing

1-1 The number of pitcher games has fallen, but the number of ads purchased has increased

In March, App Growing monitored 5000+ mobile games in total, and the number of mobile games declined, but the number of advertisements and the amount of money placed have increased correspondingly. This may also be related to the entry of some major game companies into the buying market. For example, Zilong Games’ “Heaven and Earth: The Fall of the City” uses carpet marketing to create momentum for new games.

1-2 The game industry is still the key advertisers of major channels

According to the statistics of the five major traffic platforms that game advertisers invest in, it can be found that, in addition to the main traffic concentration of the huge engine, Tencent advertising, and Baidu information flow, Kuaishou and Ali Huichuan have become the main positions of game advertisers. Among them, Alibaba Games’ self-developed “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has successfully created a miracle of billions of dollars in a single month, but Kuaishou still manages its game territory by way of agency distribution.

However, the newly listed Kuaishou obviously still has enough resources and ability to think about how to develop Kuaishou games to attract 300 million old players on the platform.

In terms of traffic media, 52% of Pippi’s ads are from the game industry, with game ads accounting for the highest proportion, followed by Douyin, accounting for 35%. This also shows that a considerable number of mobile game players have gathered in the crowd of huge engines. This is also one of the reasons why Bytedance wants to rapidly develop its game business.

The mobile Internet industry is changing with each passing day, and “Tik Tok” is installed on the Android market with 600 million monthly jobs. Use games to gather users who may be lost to continue to tap value, rather than “wangmei quenching thirst” to the huge traffic pool.

1-3 Top 100 Hot Pitching Mobile Games: Leisure and online earning mobile games become the main force of buying

Regardless of the amount invested, the number of advertisements, or the proportion of apps, other (mainly leisure & online earning) mobile games have a higher proportion, followed by war and simulation.

Although game quality and branding have reached a consensus between manufacturers and players, for small mobile game manufacturers without talent and capital advantages, buying is still the easiest and most cost-effective choice to open the market.

In this month’s Top 20 mobile games, there are 9 games that have been on the list for two consecutive months, and 5 of them have risen in the rankings. They are “Awakening of Nations”, “Awei Xiaoxiao”, “Call of Duty Mobile Games” and ” “Magic Baby Returns”, “Fishing Fight 3D”.

Zilong’s self-researched “Heaven and Earth Tribulation: The Second Coming of the Secluded City” (hereinafter referred to as “Heaven and Earth Tribulation”) has maintained a high-intensity advertising status since March and rushed into the Top 5 promotion list in March. From the data, it can be seen that the media types of “Heaven and Earth” are diversified, and almost all popular distribution channels are involved. Video ads are mainly selected for the material. In addition, content marketing is also distributed in station B and game official accounts, and the corresponding players are attracted through high-quality content and UP owners with the same attributes.

As more and more places for players to communicate, there is a high level of player purification value in each circle. Game manufacturers have also realized that game players never only exist in a certain forum, so there are more and more new channels and new channels. The emergence of promotion methods also promotes the process of game branding.

1-4 Top 100 Newly Launched Mobile Games: Three Kingdoms New Mobile Games with High Advertising Budget

The number of advertisements and the number of apps is still the highest proportion of leisure and online mobile games, but it has declined compared to February. Fewer holidays in March means that users’ free time is relatively reduced, and advertisers have begun to control accordingly. Delivery intensity.

In terms of the proportion of advertising amount, the Three Kingdoms and Magic Mobile Games performed strongly.

The most newly launched mobile games on the list are still casual, online earning, and elimination mobile games, but there are also mobile games adapted from popular IPs, such as “Douluo Dalu” and “Sword Against the Universe”.

“Soul Soul Street: Wuhun Drive” released by Kuaishou is also based on the IP of the same name. Although it is not on the list, it has a strong advertising campaign. The popularity of the original IP over one billion has given good support to the game. Compared with pure original IP, the cost of adapted IP is lower and the recovery is faster. This is also the reason why major capitals are keen to invest in well-known IP in recent years.

Different from “Heaven and Earth: The Return of the City” which focuses on mainstream media, “Forget Chuan Fenghualu”, which entered the newly launched mobile game rankings this time, has increased the number of sites on station B and Douyu according to the characteristics of its own game. Advertising efforts.

Content marketing is also relatively strong, not only co-organizing member purchase activities with station B, opening the download portal, and the number of related original video manuscripts is over 1,000, and the maximum playback volume exceeds 400w. Guofeng music, history, and martial arts have become marketing keywords.

1-5 Top 5 Overseas Mobile Games Promotion List: Mini Games Are Going to Sea

The top five on the App Store are dominated by casual mini games, and the top five games on Google play are all from Chinese manufacturers. Among them, Mutong, ranked second, has just reached a merger and acquisition cooperation with ByteDance. Its MOBA mobile game “Endless Showdown” is going overseas. It has achieved remarkable results and is also the strongest rival of Tencent’s “King of Glory”. I believe that in the future of game internationalization, Mutong, with the strong support of Bytedance, will continue to improve its ability to go overseas, and will also help Bytedance become the third largest domestic game manufacturer as soon as possible.

02. Big game companies cannibalize small companies and quickly reap the benefits of leisure products

Tencent and NetEase, as major game manufacturers, continue to maintain their advantages in the promotion of game purchases. Tencent’s main launch in March is the shooting mobile game “Call of Duty Mobile”, and NetEase Games’ MOBA mobile game “Fighting!” “Ping An Jing” began to increase purchases. Although the game is linked with Onmyoji IP to operate well, it has been in a state of not breaking the circle, and it has also been nicknamed “Liang Liang Jing” by players. The investment in the purchase volume this time also shows that NetEase still has certain ambitions to enter the MOBA mobile game field.

Shenzhen Chuangmeng Tiandi and Fujian Ruiqu Chuangxiang both focus on the development of mini-games, and rely more on advertising for customer acquisition. In the past three months, the Awei series “Awei Xiaoxiao” in the online earning category has also been located The promotion list is at the forefront and continues to rise.

Inventory of the six popular mobile game styles in the past month: casual & online earning, simulation, legend, Three Kingdoms, war, chess and card, most of the head mobile games are from small factories.

03. Video ads are still the first choice to buy material and no longer carry too much innovation

3-1 Over 50% of ads are in the form of video

In terms of ad delivery materials, video ads are still the first choice for advertisers, but this month the proportion of vertical videos has increased, and the proportion of pure copy ads has dropped sharply.

3-2 High-frequency words and popular copy of game advertisement copy

Based on the mobile advertising information tracked by App Growing in March, sort out the advertising copy of different game types, and sort out the hot game styles of the month-casual & online earning, simulation, legend, three kingdoms, war, chess and card games. Frequency words and popular advertising copy are as follows.

3-3 The game purchase amount and material routines are basically fixed

The buying-volume war pursues rapid innovation and rapid return. Under the new requirements of batch size, the quality of advertising is inevitably uneven, and the plot routines are becoming more and more similar.

In general, the game advertising routines will revolve around the game screen, gameplay and revenue. The routines are mainly: ①High-quality MV shows game screens and character skills/introduction; ②Stars and well-known anchors broadcast advertisements; ③Network stalks/ The funny jokes/emoticons are the beginning to attract viewers.

However, there are still some relatively novel routines appearing in live-action melodrama advertisements. Here is an inventory of the most popular new melodrama advertisements in the past seven days:

1) Self-portrait and talk to ex-boyfriend, and if you love him, introduce money-making games to him

Start with the more gimmicky “calling ex-boyfriend” plot, which will successfully attract users to stop in the first 5s. Then use high-yield, large red envelopes and other words to convert specific users.

2) Compliment and change the oral broadcast, tease girls do not forget to advertise

Through the introduction of the real sex scenes, seamlessly combining the advantages of the characters in the game, it looks like they are exaggerating the girls. In fact, they are introducing the characteristics of the characters in the game. The scene unfolds more naturally, the plot advances quickly, and it quickly attracts users to watch.

3) Substitute the game level into the actual level, highlighting the fast upgrade of the game

It is launched with the rank suppression of the office, showing the characteristics of game level setting and fast upgrade, and using the characteristics of high welfare, no liver and no krypton to attract players. Some games will also add in the copywriting the words free of today’s skin/suit/diamond/ingot to stimulate users to download.

04. Quickly break the circle relying on the purchase volume and continue to break the circle without relying on the purchase volume

The emergence of channels has changed the situation where games can only be shared with operators if they want to be promoted, and purchases have become an indispensable way for new mobile games to quickly acquire customers.

For powerful manufacturers, the purchase amount is obviously not enough to support the early promotion, and they will spend a lot of money on more marketing channels, such as Baidu product announcement, Weibo hot search, input method advertising, etc.

Advertising space for input method in “Jin Hun Street: Martial God Body”

Take the more popular recently “Forget Chuan Fenghua Lu”, “Soul Soul Street: Martial God’s Body”, “Heaven and Earth Tribulation You City Again” and the more eye-catching “Original God” and “King of Glory” as examples, “Wang Chuan” Fenghualu’s Baidu search index was once close to that of “Yuanshen”, and it has accumulated 2400w+ search results shortly after its launch.

Data: Baidu Index

Behind the crazy money-smashing is the anxiety that gamers can’t quickly cultivate. In recent years, many emerging channels have also led their businesses to games, and mobile games entering the market have increased, but players have not grown rapidly, which has led to “inflation” in purchases.

The cost of a single traffic rises, and manufacturers have to think about more ways to break the circle. Although the initial accumulation requires purchases, the unprovoked consumption of promotion funds will also make many manufacturers unable to support the game’s return period and there will be a shortage of funds. How to grasp the scale of purchase volume and maximize the benefits of purchase volume in the early stage of the game is an urgent need for game advertisers to solve, and how much of it involves deep insights into the market, media, and purchase volume materials.

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